This fatty acid helps you lose weight

This fatty acid helps you lose weight

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The short chain fatty acid propionate can help you lose weight in the long term

Lose weight through fat? As a new study shows, it actually works – with the short-chain fatty acid propionate. Researchers reveal how you can help your body build the substance itself and what foods you should eat to support weight loss.Many women are afraid of eating fats – they can even help us to burn fat, lose weight in the long term, and maintain our weight. In our Podcast we have already talked about why fat is the new superfood, how positive it can have an impact on our hormones, and why it all comes down to the right sources. A new study now proves that short-chain fatty acids also have these properties. More specifically: Propionate. You can find out what this is about and what foods you need to eat so that your body can make this substance yourself in the video above.

That is why we are now pouring oil into our coffee

Also included MCT oil, a medium-chain fatty acid that effectively melts love handles. MCT oil is an extract from coconut oil, which consists of the medium-chain fatty acids C-8 caprylic acid and C-10 capric acid. In contrast to coconut oil, MCT oil is tasteless and does not become solid – that’s why we like to pour it into our morning coffee. That is why you can now find the oil in our set with skinny coffee – so you can double attack the love handles!

Burning Fat: These foods help you lose weight

Fat doesn’t make you fat – you just have to make sure the right amount of healthy fatty acids to take you. Which are they? You can find out in the following articles – so please no longer be afraid of fats, girls! Avocado, coconut milk and linseed oil, for example, provide you with valuable nutrients and keep your metabolism busy.


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