This is how living with adult children works

This is how living with adult children works

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There they are lying around. They block the sofa for hours, squat on the corner bench in front of their smartphone or have barricaded themselves on the bed for hours in their room. Do you know who we’re talking about? Yes, by young adults. Of the sweet little children who grew up and want to go their own way. And from the comfort of your own home.

Living with children who are no longer

Life with adult children is often not easy. It can get you to the brink of despair if you’re the only one who is struggling all day to keep the store going. And this while your offspring zaps through all channels, is always online or complains because his favorite jeans have not been washed in weeks.

But it can also be done differently. We’ll tell you how to do it so that adult children don’t become a daily nuisance. On the contrary: If you follow some tips, life with grown children can be an asset.

Give your children more freedom! Why? You can find out here.

Five tips for a smooth coexistence with young adults

1. Place the cards on the table

Get to the point and don’t talk long about the bush. This mainly affects finance. Life with children is expensive. Talk to your adult child about the money. What does it cost you to let your big son or daughter live with you and take care of them? Perhaps your offspring would like to make a living contribution? Make a plan together and revise it regularly.

2. Make room

Your adult child needs its own room. It is clear that they take care of this themselves. Don’t start cleaning, vacuuming or dusting there. Living with large children also means granting them their empire and handing over responsibility for it. In the kitchen, too, you can give your offspring an area where he or she keeps their own food.

3. Treat your child like an adult

Your child is of legal age and needs a different treatment than a ten-year-old. Treat your daughter or son like you do with an adult. Big children have their own lives. You have your own friends, partners and daily routines. Be respectful and claim that for you too. You are still the man or woman in the house and do not have to tolerate what is absolutely against you.

4. Talk about your private life

Show interest in your adult child’s relationships. Talk about your privacy. Living with children at home follows its own rules. What is okay at the university can be inappropriate at home. Clarify how you imagine living together and maintaining privacy.

5. Open yourself to joy with your adult child

Living with children often means that you overlook the little joys of everyday life. Stay open to it. You may have forgotten that your adult child likes to cook. Or enjoy the feeling of coming home to someone. Even if your child is now big and decides on his own: tell him from time to time that you love him.

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