This is how the spring cleaning for the relationship goes

This is how the spring cleaning for the relationship goes

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How to bring spring freshness into your relationship

Not only the apartment is happy about a spring cleaning. The relationship can only benefit from this. That’s how it’s done.

How to bring spring freshness to your relationship iStockphoto

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How to bring spring freshness to your relationship iStockphoto

In spring, not only does nature awaken to new life. With us humans too, the warm rays of the sun awaken the desire for change. Mostly, changes are made to the apartment right now, the car is finally cleared out or the wardrobe is cleaned out. (Read here how to do it best.)

But spring cleaning is also worthwhile in the relationship. And it is best to proceed in exactly the same way as for your apartment – strictly on the principle: keep, banish, invest.

You should keep these things in the relationship

Keep the friendship with the partner

Everything in life is easier when you have a good friend at your side. Ideally, your partner is not just your partner or the father of your children, but a real friend. Keep that special bond awake by being a real friend to him. If this has fallen asleep in your partnership, now is the ideal time to reawaken your friendship.

Keep friends out of the relationship

If you focus too much on your partner, friends often fall behind. But they are important. On the one hand for emotional stability, on the other hand to give the partner freedom. This gives both of them the chance to cultivate intimate contacts outside of the relationship and to have experiences. Use spring to do more with your friends again.

By the way, did you know that intelligent people tend to have few friends? Here we reveal why this is so.

Keep romantic dates

Every relationship needs care in order to remain attractive for both partners in the long run. Treat yourself and your partner to regular romantic appointments. It can be a good dinner in your favorite restaurant as well as a wellness weekend or – now that spring is especially nice – a romantic bike tour.

The best relationship guide books iStockphoto

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The best relationship guide books iStockphoto

You should keep these things out of the relationship

Banish jealousy

Jealousy can invigorate a relationship in minimal doses. Basically, however, it destroys much more than it creates. If jealousy is an issue in your relationship, speak to your partner to remove the issue once and for all. The generally better mood in spring can help to find a good solution. If this doesn’t work, couples therapy could help. We’ll tell you exactly what awaits you there.

Incidentally, jealousy can already be determined by the optical characteristics of a person. How to recognize them.

Banish the past

Spring is also the ideal time to mentally separate yourself from the past. Push aside memories of past relationships and don’t burden your current love with them. Live in the here and now and enjoy the time with your partner.

Banish negative energy

Use spring to transfer the good mood that comes with it to your relationship. Negative energies can never be eliminated from the world as well as they are now. Talk to your partner about things that caused a bad mood and get rid of them once and for all.

These zodiac signs are loyal partners of istockphoto

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These zodiac signs are loyal partners of istockphoto

You should invest in these things in your relationship

Invest in new adventures

As soon as it gets warmer outside, there are numerous new adventures. Use this to enrich your relationship with a few new experiences. This welds together and awakens enthusiasm for each other over the winter.

Invest in small gifts

Small surprises and proofs of love keep love young or refresh it again. Therefore, do not be stingy if something comes your way somewhere that your partner might be happy about, but simply bring it with him.

Invest time

Many relationships lose their magic simply because the partners do not have enough time for each other. Take the time for each other. It doesn’t always have to be hours. But every day you should spend a moment of community and an opportunity to speak in peace with each other. The days that are getting longer and longer now make the day planning a bit more relaxed, because you don’t consider the day to be over by 5:00 p.m.


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