this is the Chrome extension to watch series and movies with friends

this is the Chrome extension to watch series and movies with friends

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The declaration of Covid-19 global pandemic has caused more and more drastic and restrictive measures to be installed. The coronavirus it has already left more than 13,000 affected and nearly 600 dead in Spain. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the sanitary indications and to pass the quarantine, the entertainment becomes the main ally.

Due to the current situation, series, the cinema, the ‘streaming‘and, in short, the small screen are very recurring options to spend the days. For this reason, a tool has been launched to view and comment on series of Netflix with friends in real time. Your name? Netflix Party.

This tool is not developed by the platform itself, but is rather a google chrome extension which allows different users of Netflix watch a series or movie at the same time and also comment on it through a chat, and that today it already has more than half a million users.

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How to install Netflix Party

Install Netflix Party It is simple, but you must have a search engine Google Chromeas well as a platform account of ‘streaming‘.

To start using the tool, the user has to download the extension from the web ‘ By ‘clicking’, the serial will see that the page redirects to Chrome Store. For installation, you just have to do ‘click‘in “add to Chrome”.

Install Netflix Party

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Install Netflix Party

Once installed, just open the platform Netlfix and play any series or movie.

At that time, with the fiction playing, you have to press the icon of Netflix Party (NP) it will turn red and the function “Start party

Then, a link will appear, which is the one that must be shared with friends or family so that they can join the simultaneous playback.

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Is Netflix Party free?

Yes, the extension is free and anyone can download it.

Thus, there are those who have tried to find another tool to make the days they have to stay at home more enjoyable. But it is not the only one.

Netflix Party

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Netflix Party

In addition to Netflix Party, which does not really belong to the company of Reed hastingsThere are other streaming platforms that have opened their video services to clients and non-clients so that they can view their content for free during the time of confinement.

Examples are Movistar +, which allows you to see its contents for a month in a way free to clients and non-clients, Lite content, the economic version of the company. Others, like HBO, provides two weeks free.

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