This mistake made by washing your face, damages the skin according to dermatologists

This mistake made by washing your face, damages the skin according to dermatologists

This error damages our skin when we clean it. The explanations of a dermatologist highlights the gestures to avoid.

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Cleaning the skin with warm water and soap is a mistake.

When it comes to the beauty of our skin, each one has its own trick. But it is clear that we often repeat the same mistakes. What ruin the efforts provided upstream. One of the most common habits is to wash our face with soap and warm water. A heresy according to dermatologists who agree that it is similar to a stripper combo. This gesture is not good for our skin.

Asked about it by Well and good, Mona Gohora, dermatologist, is adamant: “ Never, never, ever use soap on your face ” And to specify: ” Traditional soap has a pH equivalent to nine, which is too basic for healthy skin, (whose pH is around seven) ” Cleaning removes the hydrolipidic film which takes some time to reform. This thin layer acts as a skin barrier which protects and hydrates our epidermis. Not only does soap and hot water remove this layer, it also disrupts the balance of our skin. This can lead to dryness, redness. If the cleaning product plays its role, the temperature of the water also has an impact. Too hot, it attacks, too cold, it keeps the pores tight, which prevents the elimination of part of the dirt. You should opt for a lukewarm eu. We will also avoid hot water / cold water thermal shocks which can attack the skin and strip it of its natural oils.

Take care of your skin after cleaning

Next to a skin cleansing in due form, we apply the right dose of cream and / or serum. Indeed, the epidermis has its own absorption limits. No need to overload it. We adapt our beauty routine according to the day and the night. If during the day the skin needs to be protected against attack, at night it is helped to repair it. We don’t ignore good hydration for take care of our skin.

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