This story is behind her umbrella picture

This story is behind her umbrella picture

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You can certainly remember the adorable photo of Harry and Meghan, which shows the two smiling under their umbrella. Now the photographer revealed what the special snapshot is all about

One picture is particularly remembered with all the headlines about Harry and Meghan: it shows the two shining under their umbrella. Now the photographer himself spoke about how this enchanting snapshot actually came about.

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Harry and Meghan: photo under the umbrella

March 5, 2020 was a very special day for the Duchess and the Prince. The two were among the guests of the Endeavor Fund Awards in London – it was the first public appearance since the announcement of their exit from the royal family. And this couldn’t have been more glamorous. The couple beamed up to their ears, looked in love and happy. Photos of that evening went around the world. But a very special one stood out.

Then Meghan and Harry can be seen arm in arm under an umbrella. While the rain rages in the background, they are completely in focus and smile happily. This also puts the viewers in a good mood. This picture, which could be used as a film poster for a Hollywood romance, was shot by Samir Hussein, who photographs for the Getty Images agency.

Harry and Meghan

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Harry and Meghan

Special snapshot

He now revealed to Vogue in the USA that he hadn’t really hoped for any particular success from this evening. “It was raining heavily, which can be very difficult if you take a flash,” he said. “It also meant that Harry and Meghan would be under an umbrella, which actually means getting good photos of the couple would be difficult. I didn’t know these elements would come together so spectacularly later to create a timeless picture . ”

As Hussein went on to say, he spoke to a press officer to find out where the royal couple was arriving by car, and accordingly placed himself in a place that he found suitable. When Meghan and Harry walked in the direction of the photographer, he noticed a flash of light coming from the crowd behind them that could serve as a backlight like in a photo studio. “I managed to stand with the flashlight right behind them and then I had to react quickly, I only had a second or two to get the picture they were smiling at so wonderfully.”

When he got home, Hussein wasn’t sure whether his plan had worked. But when he saw the photos on his laptop for the first time, he knew that he had taken a very special photo. “The chances are one in a million that all the elements you want come together – perfect timing, great light, strong symbolism and wonderful protagonists.”

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