Thus the PP dismantled the clumsy attempt of the left to use the woman

Thus the PP dismantled the clumsy attempt of the left to use the woman

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The cause of feminism well understood, in the end that of equality, should always be above the attempts of appropriation of one another. At the moment, at least in Spain, it seems impossible. However, the claims on the occasion of the International Day of Woman They confirmed the mobilization capacity of feminist organizations. The support for the demonstrations, with epicenter in Madrid, naturally overflowed the partisan struggle of the acronym.

And this despite the clumsy attempt of the left to appropriate a flag that has shaken the structure of the Government of Pedro Sanchez. The cohabitation of the partners literally jumped into the air in the worst week of the coalition, with the Freedom Act Sexual in the center of the crash.

The constant leaks interested, coupled with attempts to fish in troubled river by the high command itself monclovite, have left bruises and offenses receivable, real or exaggerated, in the factions of the Government.

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Why the “feminazi” message is false and the need for more equality is certain

The unit snapshot offered by the coordination table of the PSOE, under the baton of Adriana Lastra and Ivan Round, and United We Can, with Pablo Echenique and Julio Rodriguez in front, did not serve to avoid such a wide range of tensions. The trumpetry with which the appointment was called against the clock hardly gives any idea of ​​the extreme reached by the twitching, the rejonazos and the exhibition of knives.

What Lastra wanted to reduce to a mere “environmental noise” was actually “a real pressure cooker”, for others “a cricket cage”, according to confession of the parts.

Through this draft draft with errors in form and substance, aspects close to the unconstitutionality or issues already legislated. Carmen Calvo tried to stop the precipitation of Irene Montero.

Something that they have taken good note in United We can. As much as to put the first vice president in her sights, turning it into a conflict of coexistence with Pablo himself Churches.

In La Moncloa they have seen with great pleasure that Irene Montero has been cornered for the questions of half a dozen journalists at a press conference following the Council of Ministers. The fight between government partners blinds common sense.

Beyond that, on the table of the Monclovite strategists, and of Calvo herself, constant and sounding data are piled up according to which the classic socialist theses on feminism lose bellows to the push “3.0” podemita.

With the CIS guts in hand, almost 5.5% of Spaniards declare themselves ideologically feminist. A sweet vote vowel that the PSOE in no way will it serve in a silver tray to United We can.

The video of the PP for the 8-M that triumphs in the networks.

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The video of the PP for the 8-M that triumphs in the networks.

PP women praise their political rivals in a shocking video for 8-M

In any case, the interest of the ministers on either side was to go separately to the demonstration and behind well-differentiated banners. The socialists, “Women free, equal women ”; the podemites, “United, free and feminist. ”

Meanwhile, it has intelligently contrasted the PP video, which has raised its head shaping a “positive” claim of women, with the included commitment to praise Ada Colau or the spontaneous emotion of the popular leader Ana Beltran rejoicing over the “luck” of Irene Montero.

In a tense moment, with the left imbued in the mode of refound its Marxist class struggle, now monopolizing women as if it were the new outcast of society, the popular have focused on the essentials: visibility of women, the horizontality of the equality of feminism.


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