Towards an exceptionally open Olympics at U24 in Tokyo?

Towards an exceptionally open Olympics at U24 in Tokyo?

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The perverse effects of a postponement.

After the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics to 2021, a question arises among the selections qualified for the soccer tournament: what to do with players who will no longer be old enough to compete in a U23 competition next year? To avoid this problem, first voices are beginning to be raised so that the IOC exceptionally opens the competition to the U24, in order to allow the players who contributed to the qualification to participate in the Olympic Games, as planned.

The Australian Federation issued a statement to this effect on Wednesday, in which James Johnson requests an opening of discussions with FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). ” Men’s football is usually reserved for the U23 at the Olympics, but we would like to raise the subject with FIFA and the AFC so that the Tokyo Olympics become a U24 tournament, says the president of the FFA. This would guarantee that players who took part in the qualifications will not be ineligible in 2021 and have the opportunity to realize their dream by becoming Olympians representing their country.

In Brazil, the country holding the title, the subject also arrived on the table. Bruno Guimarães also expressed support for adjusting the regulations in a message to Esporte Interativo : ” I ask the IOC to increase the age limit for the Olympic tournament by one year so that no athlete can be affected and discriminated against by this postponement to 2021.

A matter of common sense.



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