Trump compares his Corona press conferences with the “Bachelor”

Trump compares his Corona press conferences with the

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Donald Trump speaks to the press about the current situation about the corona virus almost daily. He is proud of his high ratings – he often spreads half-truths and false information.

US President Donald Trump is proud of the high ratings of his almost daily press briefings on the coronavirus pandemic. The fact that his audience numbers are so high drives the media landscape “crazy”, Trump announced on Sunday on twitter. He boasted that his odds were comparable to those of football broadcasts or the show “The Bachelor”.

Trump also cited the entry of a New York Times article that said, “President Trump is a quota hit …” However, Trump omitted the rest of the sentence in his tweet. It said in full: “President Trump is a quota hit, and some journalists and public health experts say it could be a dangerous thing.”

The article said various statements by the President in his corona briefings were classified by health experts as “misleading” or “downright wrong”. The president is accused on many sides of having downplayed the extent of the corona crisis in the United States, particularly in the beginning. Its popularity ratings have nevertheless increased during the crisis.


Trump’s corona virus briefings were initially broadcast live and in full length by several US television channels. In the meantime, various stations have been hiding again and again before the end of the briefings. The right-wing conservative broadcaster Fox News, which maintains close proximity to the president, continues to broadcast the full length of the briefings.



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