Trump shakes hands during coronavirus press conference

Trump shakes hands during coronavirus press conference

When he had just reminded the Americans of the basic public health measures to respect, Donald Trump shook the hands of several bosses after their speech.

Brian Cornell, CEO of Target, shaking hands with Donald Trump on March 13, 2020 at the White House

Social distancing? Very little for him. Going against the recommendations of most health agencies around the world, Donald Trump shook several hands at the White House Friday, in the midst of an announcement against the coronavirus.

To announce the state of emergency, the president had enlisted the services of half a dozen officials from large American companies in the distribution or health sectors.

And when he had just reminded the American public of the basic public health measures to be observed, measures “of common sense” according to him, he shook the hands of all these bosses after their speech behind the microphone.

Donald Trump soon tested

One of them, Bruce Greenstein of LHC Group, refused to shake his hand, offering him his elbow for a “check”, a new way of greeting put forward by many health authorities to fight against the spread coronavirus.

During the press conference, Donald Trump, 73, explained that he had not been tested for coronavirus because he has “no symptoms”, even if he was in contact last week with a Brazilian, member of the delegation of President Jair Bolsonaro, who tested positive for coronavirus. However, he added that he would probably be tested “soon”.

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