two firefighters were injured in the intervention

two firefighters were injured in the intervention

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This feline was captured in a Brussels apartment: two firefighters were injured in the intervention

The animal shelter Natuurhulpcentrum, located in Opglabbeek, in Limburg, collected a wild animal which was seized during a search in a Brussels home. The officers, who were on site as part of a completely different investigation, came across a serval in the apartment. It is prohibited to keep this feline, which lives in the wild in the humid savannas of Africa, as a pet.

The investigators called on the firefighters, who, while trying to place the animal in a cage, were attacked by the animal. Two firefighters were injured and their capture net was destroyed.

The serval is between 70cm and 1m long and can weigh up to 15 kilos. The species, which has nothing to do outside its natural habitat, can attack as was the case during the intervention. The Natuurhulpcentrum center recalls on this occasion its slogan, “Enkel een idioot neemt een exoot als huisgenoot”, “Only an idiot takes an exotic animal as a pet”.

The animal is isolated in the center and will undergo a health examination, during which its harness will be removed. There are currently 6 other servals in the center, all of whom have also been seized. The center is in contact with a refuge in South Africa for the subsequent placement of these animals.


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