Tyson Fury’s father threatens to “smash” the UFC boss

Tyson Fury's father threatens to

Several months after a release of Dana White, the boss of the UFC, mocking a possible passage of Tyson Fury to MMA, the father of the British boxer has stepped up to the plate. By threatening, too, to play fists to respect his descendants.

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John Fury

You find Tyson Fury on? You will not be disappointed with his father, John. While the British boxer, a man of challenges, has repeatedly mentioned in recent months a transition to MMA, the boss of UFC Dana White had mocked last November this possible retraining. “If Tyson Fury wants to fight in MMA, I have a ton of guys who would love to fight him,” White said. TMZ. But I don’t know why he would do that. […] With a good promoter, Fury could take part in three or four of the biggest fights in heavyweight boxing history. Why come here and get fucked when you can stay where you are? “A strenuous outing that the” Gypsy King “dad did not appreciate at all.

Asked by a media specialist on White’s fall statements, John Fury simply threatened the boss of the UFC to put him in a good beating. “What does he know about smashing someone? Tyson comes from a brawling family, defends the father. I could probably smash Dana White myself with just one punch. How can “Can he talk about my son like that? You can’t say such things knowing Tyson’s abilities and heart. He knows it, he said something stupid.”

“I am the strongest 54-year-old man in the world”

And to be even more aggressive towards the boss of the UFC: “Let him speak to me like that and I will fight with him. Organize this tonight. He will not say that kind of thing anymore. I am the strongest 54 year old man in the world and I can prove it anywhere, anytime, for money or even for free… “

Pending a possible fight Papa Fury-Dana White, it is indeed the son that we will see again at work. And in a boxing ring. After his spectacular victory by TKO over Deontay Wilder for the WBC heavyweight belt, Tyson Fury will indeed find the “Bronze Bomber” in mid-July for a rematch.


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