UN Security Council is considering a new UN mission in Sudan

UN Security Council is considering a new UN mission in Sudan

Residents of a UN protection village outside the city of Wau in South Sudan.

New York. The UN mission, which has been carried out in Sudan since 2007, could be replaced by a new one. The UN Security Council is considering this. The new mission is designed to help prepare free elections and create a new constitution.

The UN Security Council is considering a new UN mission in Sudan. This should replace the previous blue helmet mission in the unrest region of Darfur and primarily serve to support the transition of the East African state to democracy, as can be seen from a draft resolution that was available to the AP news agency on Wednesday.

After the fall of the long-term ruler Omar al-Bashir, the military and the civilian protest movement agreed in August 2019 to form a joint transitional government for three years. The new UN mission is to help it prepare free elections and draft a new constitution.

The previous blue helmet mission Unamid in Darfur would de facto be dissolved. Their job has been to protect civilians in Darfur since 2007 after a rebel uprising was put down there. According to the draft, this responsibility would pass to the interim government.

The new mission under the acronym UNPPIMS should therefore be set up from May 1, initially for one year. According to the draft resolution, 2500 police officers and a battalion of a rapid reaction force are to be made available for this. Usually that is between 500 and 800 men. As of January, the Unamid mission in Darfur, which was criticized by the USA as being too expensive, included more than 4,300 soldiers, 2,100 police officers and around 1,500 civilian employees.

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