Upset at Real Madrid with Marco Asensio

Upset at Real Madrid with Marco Asensio

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Marco Asensio runs across the lawn of the Ciudad Deportiva de Valdebebas. (via @ MarcoAsensio10)

The desire to show that you are stronger every day and the illusion of having contact with the ball they play a trick on Marco Asensio. The player of the Real Madrid You are still in the process of recovering from a serious injury, in which you have to take your precautions. The vigilance of the doctors has changed with the new situation of confinement and he is asked for responsibility from the club. Asensio also needs to show his followers that he can be locked in his house in the most entertaining way and with it has made a mistakefilming a video showing a challenge touching the ball against a wall. It is not just any video. The imprudent thing is that he puts on his football boots and practices it on the edge of the pool, with the ground wet, and the risk of being able to suffer a slip. It has been reproached by followers who understand it as an unnecessary and reckless act.

Maybe, neither do they understand that Marco Asensio has to risk such challenges that can bring you problems in case of mishap. Slippery ground and football boots for the stability of your knee are not the best surface. His ‘tele-training’ is very different from that of his colleagues who are at home exercising so as not to lose shape and who also show videos of their gyms, with weights, bicycles and other challenges that are going viral (such as tapping a roll of toilet paper). Another of the most active is Brahim Diaz, entertaining themselves with these kinds of challenges that serve to make appeals for people to stay home. But Brahim is not in the same situation as Asensio.

TO Marco Asensio You have to ask for more caution and it is logical that you may want to show that your recovery is on the right track. It is now eight months since he suffered a serious mishap in a preseason game against Arsenal. What he cannot forget, despite the special circumstances in which we find ourselves due to the coronavirus pandemic and house arrest, is that he is recovering from a tear of the anterior cruciate ligament and the external meniscus of the left knee.

Accumulate a lot of time off. You have inactivity and the logical desire to be one more. He has gone through his particular ordeal It has had him working alone, dealing with physical therapists, without touching the ball, double sessions at the Sports City and at home to regain elasticity and flexibility, increase muscle mass, balance and do strength work. Until about a month ago, he started stepping regularly on the Valdebebas lawn. Asensio has another spirit. They have had to stop him, on more than one occasion, when he was under medical supervision. He entered the phase of individualized training and closely watched Zidane’s work with the group.

Her euphoria must be controlled. More on these dates when is far from medical and recovery services. In permanent contact, but in other extraordinary conditions. Touch the ball in different precision and strength exercises. His feelings with each passing day are better and discount the days to be discharged and I can train with everyone. Although there is no fixed date either because Zidane and the doctors made it clear that he will not run any risks.

You have to be very careful. The risks you can take unnecessarily are not good. They have to do with his desire to show himself and show that he is getting better, with this type of home videos and viral challenges that are poured into the networks in this extraordinary situation. One more video that, on the other hand, also receives criticism for showing how a footballer can afford to go through quarantine in the garden of his mansion with swimming pool. They reproach him, some with irony and others more outraged. Those who are confined to small floors.

He is not the only footballer who goes through this type of comments they don’t seem to like on social media. Former Dutch footballer Rafael van der Vaart has been insulted for showing off his heated pool, where he entertains himself with playing ball and asks that people stay home. In the case of Asensio, there are also other types of comments from followers that ask him to return to the competition soon.

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