Valdemoro hospital, “overwhelmed” by the coronavirus

Valdemoro hospital, “overwhelmed” by the coronavirus

Several operators with protective suits, in the emergency access of the Infanta Elena de Valdemoro University Hospital, this Sunday.

“My husband may not leave this, so I want to know: Valdemoro hospital is chaos,” says Carmen Prieto, 62, with a broken voice. Her husband, 75, went to this public center on Thursday, although privately managed, where he was diagnosed with coronavirus. It is one of the 202 infected confirmed by the Community of Madrid. On Saturday morning an ambulance transferred him with five other patients to the General Hospital of Collado Villalba, where he remains hospitalized with a severe prognosis in the intensive care unit (ICU). “They were taken without informing the families,” Prieto complains. The woman regrets the treatment that patients with this pathology have received at the Infanta Elena de Valdemoro University Hospital, overwhelmed in recent days by registering at least 15 cases of coronavirus (one deceased, eight in the region).

Infanta Elena has been forced to transfer several Covid-19 patients because they do not have the capacity to attend them. According to its website, it only has 144 beds, 110 for general hospitalization and eight for the ICU. The rest are reserved for specialties. Center sources do not specify the total number of transfers, but ensure that families were informed. Nor do they from the Ministry of Health, where they argue that transfers are made by clinical criteria. “I do not argue that they have to do it and that it is for their good, but that they inform us,” insists Prieto. She reports that she learned about the hospital where her husband was admitted because he sent her a WhatsApp message on Saturday at eight in the morning.

“Last night I was until more than ten waiting. They told me they would enable a plant to isolate them, but they haven’t. The Valdemoro hospital has deceived us ”, denounces the woman. Her husband is one of the people who were infected in a place for the elderly of this town, one of the foci of the disease in the region. In his opinion, the health center knew that the transfer of patients would take place the day before. “On Friday morning they transferred a very serious patient. The director told me that they had asked for help from other hospitals because it was small and they were overwhelmed. Only the one from Villalba answered them. They lied to us because they were still saying they would enable a plant. ” Sources from the center recognize that they are “overwhelmed like so many others” and that transfers are made “to offer the attention they need.”

Early morning transfer

Prieto recognizes that the transfer of her husband is not an isolated case. The woman tells the episode that two sisters lived this Saturday morning to visit her father, also affected by coronavirus. Once at the Valdemoro hospital they were told that he had been transferred “half an hour ago” to Villalba. Gema Macarrilla, 42, has also suffered this modus operandi. His mother, 66, is infected by Covid-19. His case was confirmed Friday at noon. In Valdemoro they informed the family that they would enable an area to treat them. Instead, they transferred her to Villalba without informing them. They recognize being “outraged.”

“They took her out on Saturday at one oclock in the morning, in a wheelchair, in pajamas and without underwear. They didn’t even put a blanket on him. They are people suffering from pneumonia and with the cold they can get worse. They have been treated like animals, ”Macarrilla denounces. The woman reports that her mother, whose case is not serious, was taken in an ambulance along with five others infected. “I found out this morning (Saturday) because I called her on her cell phone, but there are patients who don’t have a phone.” An extreme who denounces Prieto. The woman argues that in Infanta Elena they never informed her husband of what is happening to her, although they deny her there: “A doctor told me to tell him when I was on the floor.” She also complains that when they arrived at the Valdemoro hospital on Thursday, the toilets affected her that she had gone to the Emergency Department, as the family doctor recommended when she learned that her husband had had contact with the senior center where twenty cases have been uncovered and that the City Council closed after confirming them.

Telephone tracking

The Ministry of Health has reported this Sunday that the number of people affected by coronavirus in the Community of Madrid has reached 202 cases. In the last hours three more people have died, all of them of advanced age, which brings the death toll in the region to eight (17 in Spain). To prevent the possible transmission of the virus, the counseling has established a circuit of attention in case of suspicious cases. Summa 112 Home Care Professionals go to the homes of people with symptoms to collect samples and send them to one of the seven laboratories enabled. At the moment 529 samples have been taken. To request the test, just call the telephone number 900 102 112. As a novelty, the primary health centers in the region will make a telephone follow-up on Monday to patients in home isolation with mild symptoms. If required, they will have the support of their doctor.


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