Veloce-Pro-Series Silverstone: F1 driver Norris wins e-sports competition

Veloce-Pro-Series Silverstone: F1 driver Norris wins e-sports competition

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Lando Norris played his sim racing routine in the virtual Silverstone

Formula 1 driver Lando Norris prevailed on Sunday in the first competition of the new e-sports racing series – the Veloce Pro Series presented in collaboration with Motorsport Games.

Norris, an experienced sim racer, dominated the first of two races on the virtual Silverstone Circuit against a large number of driver colleagues from the international motorsport scene and one or the other e-sports professional.

The iRacing was not driven with Formula 1 cars, but with touring cars. Race 1 went over a distance of 25 minutes and this particular Norris from pole position started confidently. The McLaren Formula 1 driver had a ten-second advantage over his first pursuer.

At Ed Jones, domestic technology is on strike

James Baldwin, the world’s fastest gamer in 2019, came in second. Ex-IndyCar driver Ed Jones initially held second place for a long time. However, the Briton, who was born in Dubai and is registered in the DTM for 2020, had to leave the race due to problems with his home internet connection.

While Baldwin finished second, Sacha Fenestraz, champion of the Japanese Formula 3 Championship 2019, finished third. It was only in the penultimate round that Baldwin pushed him out of second place.

In the fight for P3, Fenestraz kept the new Formula 1 test driver from Haas, Louis Deletraz, just at a distance in the last lap. The top 5 was completed by Formula 2 driver Ryan Tveter.

Martin Kodric wins in the second race

The second race of the day lasted 15 minutes, with the top 10 on the grid in reverse order of the top 10 result from race 1.

British long-distance veteran Harry Tincknell started from pole position. Next to him was the young Croatian Martin Kodric, who finished in P8 in February at the Bathurst 12 Hours in Australia.

Kodric dominated the second race much like Norris had managed in the first race. Meanwhile, Norris, Baldwin and Stoffel Vandoorne were involved in a close fight in the second round in the first round. Both Baldwin and Vandoorne turned, Norris came close.

While Kodric drove to victory, Norris made it to P2 after passing Fenestraz shortly before the end. Fenestraz finished third as in the first race – again ahead of Deletraz, who was fourth again.

Turkish e-sports professional Cem Bolukbasi took fifth place ahead of current Formula E leader Antonio Felix da Costa. The latter showed a strong drive through the field because it had only started from P22.

Program for the coming weeks is ready

The second edition of the # NotTheGP series of the Veloce series will be available this weekend. The program is a virtual replacement for the failed Formula 1 Grand Prix of Vietnam in Hanoi. Like the #NotTheBahGP, this e-sports race will be seen again at last weekend.

In the future, the Veloce Pro Series will always alternate with the # NotTheGP series of the Veloce Series.

Whenever it is a weekend on which Formula 1 should have been driving, there are e-sports races from the #NotTheGP series on the virtual variant of the respective racetrack.

All other weekends there are e-sports races of the Veloce Pro Series, although the routes have not yet been determined.

For more information on e-sports and sim racing, go to Motorsport Games.


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