Violet confesses that Fabio cheated on her

Violet confesses that Fabio cheated on her

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Violeta Mangrinan is not having her best moments, like many Spaniards. The global pandemic that we are suffering is something that makes people restless and bewildered, but Violeta has another cause for which to also suffer: the betrayal of Fabio Colloricchio. The ‘opinionist’ of ‘MYHYV’ confessed a few days ago that her boyfriend had cheated on her as soon as she left the reality, at which time they began their relationship.

Violet confesses that Fabio cheated on her

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Violet confesses that Fabio cheated on her

The extronista has had to face all kinds of nasty comments on social media and he has said, both active and passive, that has tried by all means that the issue did not come to light, but it has not been able: “My ex-friend Oriana took it out. I trusted her and it was a mistake.” I am not going to criticize her, she took it out and that’s it, sometimes we are very similar but I have never imitated her, I do not want to look like her or the whites of my eyes, I want to be me, period “, the collaborator has followed.

Violeta has told her followers that she has found it an enormous job to forgive him, but that she has done so and does not reproach her for anything. “I had a very bad time at the time because I have always said that when people are in love they really do not betray. Or at least if it does I can understand when it is a relationship that is broken … “. Violeta has told it, apart from the fact that there was no turning back, also because just as she hangs up her trips and beautiful things, she tells things that are not so perfect.

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