Vithas engineers develop simple device to double oxygen supply to coronavirus patients

Vithas engineers develop simple device to double oxygen supply to coronavirus patients

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The Ramon y Cajal Hospital in Madrid has already started to use a simple device devised by the technical technical engineering office of the private healthcare group Vithas, which allows doubling the supply of medicinal oxygen administered in respiratory therapies to patients with complications derived from coronavirus.

The project, they explain from Vithas, began on March 20 before the serious problem of widespread supply of oxygen intakes for patients admitted to all Madrid hospitals. Demand for hospital use gases, primarily medical oxygen, has risen as the pandemic progresses.

Vithas engineers, with Jose Manuel Guillot In the lead, they set out to find a way to maximize the ability to supply oxygen to patients affected by Covid-19 without the need to carry out adaptation works at the facility, or to increase the stock of flowmeters, the devices that are attached to the medical oxygen bottle and are essential to measure the flow and the amount of gas the patient receives.

Successfully tested

The design, which according to the health group, will be made available to any hospital in the world in a selfless way, tested “successfully” under laboratory conditions and it has the backing of the Ramon y Cajal University Hospital, where it has already started to be used. Also in the Vithas La Milagrosa hospital.

Design has the support of the Medical and Sanitary Engineering Commission of the College and the Association of Industrial Engineers of Madrid. It can be implemented in any area or room that has a medical gas intake, especially in hospital and emergency rooms, report Vithas.

A very simple idea

“As soon as they told us that we would not have the pieces, we started working on an idea that would allow us increase the ability to provide oxygen to our patients quickly, safe and efficient, with the means available in a hospital ”, explains Ignacio Narvaez, director of the Vithas engineering area.

The material required for the manufacture of these devices is simple and available in any hospital engineering department, they add from the group.

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