Vox re-elected Abascal as president in the absence of rivals

Vox re-elected Abascal as president in the absence of rivals

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Abascal with Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros, this week in Congress. In the act of Saturday they have not been able to enter the cameras.

Vox has re-elected Santiago Abascal as party president after that no alternative candidacy have managed to gather the sufficient guarantees. This has served to justify that there was no specific vote during the congress held this Saturday for the formation in Vistalegre (Madrid). The officialization of the new Abascal mandate for four more years, and with it that of the team that will compose the new national leadership, has been produced through a press release. Since during the course of the general assembly no express proclamation has been made. It is expected that this is the case on Sunday, during a great event with more than 10,000 supporters also in Vistalegre. So he hasn’t taken the floor either. Abascal has taken advantage of his re-election at this congress to promote a profound renewal of both the national leadership and some of the Vox structures, with the aim of definitely leaving behind the ‘amateur’ stage with a more professionalized phase in every way. Likewise, these changes have been accompanied by a modification of the statutes that imply that the dome will monopolize more power to control all the springs of the formation. With these movements, Abascal is armored and equipped with tools to placate future internal crises, such as those that have been experienced in recent months in numerous provincial directions. Gaining ability to undo provincial addresses or change its members. Likewise, a tightening will be applied in the control of Vox charges with a greater demand and the disciplinary regime in case of disobedience.

Out with the press and affiliates

The congress has had to be followed by affiliates and journalists through a streaming video, because it was only face-to-face access for the thousand elected officials of the party. It is also the justification given by the party to prevent entry into the critical sector and its most visible head, Carmelo Gonzalez, which has been presented at Vistalegre. “Because of capacity,” say official sources, the assembly could only be followed in person by elected and organic offices, “Mr. Gonzalez does not meet either of those conditions.” Without competition in primary schools and without face-to-face voting, the course of the congress has served to analyze the organic state of Vox. For example, the accounts, the future structures of the organization or the challenges ahead have been presented. Awaiting has been the process of renewal of the address or the Committee of Guarantees or the voting of the statutes, that the affiliates will do during the next hours in a vote via telematics. They have until 18.00 hours. Regarding the information on the accounts, the jump of Vox to the national, regional, municipal and European institutions has led the party to have multiplied its profits by five in just one year. The financial report presented by the acting treasurer, Pablo Saez, shows that the training made a profit of 5.3 million euros in 2019, when a year earlier he had only earned just over a million.


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