“We can poop ten years”: toilet paper dilemma in the Netherlands?


© picture alliance / dpa
Mark Rutte has been Prime Minister of the Netherlands since 2010.

Germans in particular hamper toilet paper during the corona pandemic.

But even in the Netherlands, the hygiene article doesn’t always seem to be sufficiently available. Or?

Corona virus: Prime Minister of the Netherlands Marc Rutte comments

When visiting a supermarket in The Hague, the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte (53) was asked by a customer whether he still had enough toilet paper supplies. A video of the situation is currently circulating through social networks.

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According to Rutte, the Netherlands had enough toilet paper available. So he said: “We have so much, we can poop ten years.”

Corona virus: toilet paper is refilled again and again

The Dutch don’t have to worry. New toilet paper deliveries are constantly on the move and will be replenished in the shops as soon as possible. (dpa)

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