We finally found the miracle cure for sleeping well

We finally found the miracle cure for sleeping well

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It’s all happened to us before: you share a room with a friend or loved one, it’s time to go to bed and one of the two is going to fiddle with the thermostat before going to bed, which can cause small quarrels. Myself, I am more to keep things cool and it would seem that I am right: there would be many scientific justifications for preferring a night in the cool. Our body temperature naturally decreases at night, which signals our bodies to increase the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep.

“You need melatonin to be tired,” said Whitney Roban, a doctor on the board of the American Sleep Association. “A cool room will help cool the body down so that our body temperature drops faster and our melatonin production increases.”

But what freshness are we talking about? Roban says the ideal is between 15 and 20 degrees. Not only will it help you produce this melatonin but it will also ensure that you experience all of the essential sleep cycles, including the crucial deep sleep.

“Our bodies need to be cool to get into this level of sleep,” says Roban. “Sleeping in a cold room will help you fall asleep, but also help you fall asleep.” Ever woke up in the middle of the night feeling like you were super hot? She says it means you’re not in an environment cool enough to enter the deep sleep zone.

Of course, room temperature is just one part of the equation for better sleep. Ask the Equinox Hotels team, who consulted with sleep psychologist Dr. Jennifer Martin when they developed the interior conditions of their New York facility. “Darkness, calmness and freshness have a great effect on sleep,” said Matt Delaney, national manager of innovation at Equinox.

Delaney says the company has done a ton of research and is doing a lot of work on customers’ sleep experiences, from blackout drapes to sound insulation to Scandinavian bedding, with two different sheets to improve temperature regulation.

They also want to keep the rooms cold: “Each hotel room is automatically set to 19 ° at check-in and they can go back thanks to the“ Dark Quiet Cool ”button on the bedside table”, explains -he.

I would love to have this tablet at home but it doesn’t seem feasible in my apartment. The next question arises: how do you do it without the right technology? The good news is that it is possible. Here are four strategies for better sleep:

  1. Sleep connected: From mattresses to sheets, there are products that are specifically made to regulate your temperature. The Buffy Breeze comforter was specifically designed to ensure a cool sleep. For the level above, the BedJet will refresh your mattress: it has two zones in case your partner does not agree on your definition of “fresh”.

  2. Be smart about your choice of pajamas: wear fabrics that breathe like cotton or forget clothes to stay fresh. Dare and you might even get a boost in self-esteem.

  3. Choose the right accessories: The curtains or the fan in your bedroom affect the temperature of the room. Bonus: if you close the shutters during the day, you will keep your room at a lower temperature, especially in summer.

  4. Stay hydrated: Do you see how red your face turns when you exercise? This is because your body is trying to cool down by dilating the blood vessels near the surface of the skin: this speeds up blood flow and releases heat into the air. When you are dehydrated, this process slows down. Drinking the right amount of fluids will help keep you fresh and clear.



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