“We will be back when the bars open”


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Each one in his house, because, although many may be surprised, they do not live together but with their respective families, and using their own mobile phones. At the singer’s house, stick mic !, Jose joked when the direct from instagram he started running, watching his brother David from the top half of the screen. This is quite new for us, excuse us for flipping with the filters, she added as she multiplied her image and saw David surrounded by hearts. This is bullshit, but cool!

The home concert of Estopa, as Jose described it, performed behind closed doors (or Porta Cerrada, David added in reference to the Emporda festival), began with the artists, taking over the technology and celebrating the virtual meeting. It is the first time that we have been apart for so long, they confessed. First message to boost morale. This will happen and we are going to get through it with the best possible sense of humor, David said. And after dedicate the recital to all the toilets and the people who are fighting there, started with Wake, from his latest album, Fuego.

Mutual applause

The latency, the delay with which the sound of the other reached each one, made it impossible for both to sing and play at the same time, and songs alternated: I do not remember anymore, as always by Jose; My bed, rescue of the original model, by David. And from Your calorie, distributing stanzas. Between subject and subject, as soon as they could undertake a dissertation on the Spanish flu (which was in the United States, during the First World War, illustrated by David) how to rehearse tongue twister (say Cafe Japan fast and many times in a row) or continue exploring the filters, especially Jose: with his head on fire, unicraft or with mirror glasses. David burst out laughing in a song at such visions. Sorry, sorry!. The applause had to be dedicated to themselves, although it did not stop the trail of messages on the screen.

They reported that they are trying to relocate the concerts in April and May, like those of Granada and Seville, and that the same tickets will be valid. The return will materialize when the bars open, Jose ventured. They followed with When the moon falls, the balloons and I return to the old ways and, responding to requests, Demons and Like Shrimp as a farewell. Good humor, the accountant climbing up to 175,000 visits, and an encouraging appeal as a farewell. Everything will improve and we will return to what we were, and live as we lived, and give each other hugs, David wished. Dear people, we must resist.

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