what could be done and what not

what could be done and what not

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03-18-2020 Buenos Aires Once Station. Coronavirus. Photo: Luciano Thieberger. – FTP CLARIN _LTH1550.jpg Z Guest

Amid rumors and versions about the total quarantine, the Government will begin to define this Thursday afternoon with the governors of the entire country when and how that measure would be launched. In tune with the precautions taken in times of coronavirus, the appointment will be at 17 in the Quinta de Olivos, where the spaces are more spacious and ventilated than in the Casa Rosada offices.

If you finally decide to apply the measure, restrictions and limitations on movement will have a huge impact on the daily life of Argentines. With limited exceptions, the majority of citizens must remain in their homes and can only go out to buy food or medicine.

The total quarantine, in the case that it is applied, it will determine that the schools remain closed – today they are no longer teaching – and the borders. No one may enter or leave the country by any means, be it cars, buses, trains or planes.

Trains that arrive at Constitution almost empty due to the Coronavirus. Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

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Trains that arrive at Constitution almost empty due to the Coronavirus. Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

But it will also fully affect the commercial sector. It will not open any business that is not considered essential, this is supermarkets -to guarantee basic products- and pharmacies.

Too the health system is considered essential public and private and all its workers who will be enabled to circulate.

The shopping malls will be closed and businesses with street sales of all items that are not essential. Also squares, parks, restaurants, gyms, bars, cinemas and theaters.

Everyday life must take place within homes.

Some everyday examples that will not be allowed. You will not be able to go out to exercise or walk in a public space. Delivery will not work nor will shipments be made for purchases made online.

If you take the model that is being used in Spain and Italy, Those with pets will be allowed to go out to walk them. Only one of the owners and for very limited times.

The idea of ​​the Government, if it finally takes this measure, is appease the curve of infected, assure official sources. If the decision is delayed, it is partly due to the economic effects of the measure.

At the Constitución subway station there were queues to enter. Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

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At the Constitucion subway station there were queues to enter. Photo: Luciano Thieberger.

The total quarantine, in addition, will involve a monumental deployment of security forces, which are considered “essential” and they will be able to circulate. The Unified Command created by the Government to control those who are currently in quarantine, will have a key role. It is made up of the four federal forces – Federal Police, Gendarmerie, Prefecture and Airport Security Police – and will be responsible for ensuring that people do not circulate on the streets. This work will be joined by local police, such as the City Police in the Federal Capital.

Beyond tight controls, there may be limited exceptions. What will happen, for example, to the children of separated parents? Will they be able to move to visit them in their homes or fulfill the shared guard? In other countries they are authorized to circulate only to visit their mothers or fathers and would be the model to follow.

The same for those who have relatives who need assistance. They could circulate with some authorization to visit them


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