What happened to the children of Ana and the Seven?

What happened to the children of Ana and the Seven?

Ana Obregon is so multifaceted that the same presented a Saturday contest who starred in one of the fashion series in the nineties and two thousand. If he even appears in an episode of Team A! Here in Spain, Ana y los Siete became her greatest success. Surrounded by seven children, we saw how they became adults. Today we ask ourselves … What happened to the children of Ana and the Seven?

Because from Ana Obregon we know that now she has parked everything for take care of your child in the fight against his illness, But what about the children who surprised so much? What became of the Family Doctor child? Will little Lucia continue acting? Their different trajectories will surprise you.


Ana and the 7 was a series of television broadcast by La 1 between 2002 and 2005, starring Ana Obregon, who also participated as a screenwriter in the adaptation of the American serial.

The series tells how a stripper (Ana Obregon) accidentally get the job of babysitter in a luxurious house where you will have to take care of the seven children of a wealthy widower. The comic point was provided by the butler and the various entanglements.

On the campus, actors such as Juan Antonio Quintana, father of Mr. Hidalgo, or Roberto Alvarez, the male protagonist. After almost 12 years, What happened to the seven children of Ana and the Seven?


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Ana and the Seven plowed children

In the 1990s, Aaron Guerrero seemed to be a new interpretation promise. His first great participation, with Family doctor, He formed a young and promising actor, although always with the role of a good boy. So also eHe entered Ana and the Seven, acting this time as one of the older brothers.

Throughout the last years, Aaron Guerrero has tried to stay visible to the writers. Thus, we have seen him participating in shows of celebritis like Look Who Jumps. For now, he has not confirmed any other major series project.


Claudia children Ana and the Seven

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Claudia children Ana and the Seven

Claudia Molina, member of the saga of the Molina, she played in Ana y Los Siete the eldest daughter of Senor Hidalgo. Claudia Molina already had interpretations on her resume in series such as Calle Nueva, also on RTVE, and Hospital Central.

Throughout these twelve years, Molina has continued in the world of acting, both in theater, shorts, movies and series like Servir y Proteger, the last of his known appearances and that still remains on the air.

Claudia Molina, unlike Aaron Guerrero, has been a Prodigy girl who has managed to find his place.


noelia - children Ana and the Seven

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noelia – children Ana and the Seven

Noelia Ortega played one of the quietest characters in the first stage of Ana and the Seven: the middle sister. Of course, she was seen turning from girl to woman.

In these years since the end of the series, she has continued to be linked to other highly successful titles like Hospital Central, and more recently, 18, the series. Apparently, we have an actress for many years and projects.


Nerea García - children Ana and the Seven

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Nerea Garcia – children Ana and the Seven

Nerea Garcia played Celia, the athlete girl. The character of this character earned him many sympathies among the public of the series: a triumphant girl who does not put anything in front of her, least of all the social cliches.

Like other co-stars, participated in Central Hospital, but only for some cameos. From Ana and the Seven we have not seen her in any series with main roles.

After several attempts to stay on the pull of young actors, studied Image and Sound, and has worked for various companies both in realization and in the marketing area.


The Twins

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The Twins

One of the pairs of twins that more game and juice have been given on television in the nineties. The Guerrero brothers were one of the stars of the series, above some of the older ones.

Unlike the rest of the children in the cast, they stay away from cameras and television. A pity, because they promised great television moments.


Ruth Rodríguez children Ana y los Siete

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Ruth Rodriguez children Ana y los Siete

Ruth Rodriguez, little Lucia, the one who suffered the most from the death of her mother, was the protagonist among the children of the series. He surprised everyone with his performance full of feeling and without overstraining.

Nowadays, no longer linked to the world of televisionAlthough she studied dance, she has posed as a model and occasionally appears in series, shorts or commercials. Has become quite an influencer on Instagram about fashion.


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