What will happen with the EvaU tests?

What will happen with the EvaU tests?

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The litmus test of secondary education falters before the uncertain Evolution of the Covid-19 epidemic in Spain. With the educational activity paralyzed in Madrid, La Rioja and in the Alava cities of Vitoria and Labastida; The doubts about the University Baccalaureate Evaluation for University Access (EvaU) tests, before PAU, hover over high school students. Beyond whether or not the test will be suspended, the complexity lies in the preparation of distance students, a method that is not usual in teaching in Spain.

From the Ministry they move to The Information that “It is still too early to make a decision in this regard”. The members of several Madrid APAS consulted by this newspaper, who miss a long-term forecast, are not the same. One of its representatives points out that, by freezing the educational activity, the authorities “They have thrown an ax without knowing where it will fall”. For its part, from the portfolio of Isabel Celaa, do not rule out new script twists: “We continue to observe the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and waiting to see how the situation evolves.”

Although the restrictions in the educational activity have been primed with the communities of La Rioja, Madrid and the Basque Country; Teachers throughout Spain remain awaiting a new plot twist. “For the moment we remain the same as long as there is no news and they close us”. The words of David Acero, Professor of Economics for second-year high school groups in a Segovian institute, attest to that. At the moment, it seems that the cloister goes ahead of the Government itself: “Although there is nothing clear, we are already talking with the boys about how to act in case they send us home … that I think will happen sooner rather than later“Therefore, from the community of Madrid, they point out that the members of the management teams of the different centers affected by the ‘slowdown’, will be responsible for that”All staff in schools are knowledgeable about these instructions and its compliance. “

Specifically, the instructions of the Community of Madrid have wanted to focus on these last-year students, with a view to the university entrance exam. So, the team of Isabel Diaz Ayuso has specified that “educational centers must pay special attention to students who are likely to attend EvaU”. Likewise, the regional authorities have ensured that the teaching staff will maintain, “as far as possible”, a periodic contact with students, parents and legal guardians through the EducaMadrid platform, the center’s website, the Oak platform, via email, as well as any other means of communication that the centers consider appropriate.

There are no certainties for the generation of 2020. The dates are not clear and neither is the agenda. But the authorities keep calling for calm. From the Community of Madrid they point out that the teaching staff will continue attending the centers will continue to attend the educational centers normally, following the recommendations of the health authorities. While ensuring that, for teachers, “it will be promoted, provided it is compatible with the continuity of the educational activities provided for in this resolution, the teleworking system“.

The situation is unpublished. The fact of not going to the educational centers can be a problem for those who these days had planned evaluation or recovery exams, but especially those who in two months will have to face the entrance exam to the University, now known as EvaU. For the Confederation of Associations of Parents of Students (Ceapa) this scenario “highlights the lack of measures to ensure reconciliation in Spain” and has asked that proposals be proposed such as recovering classes at the end of the course or lowering the subject curriculum especially in the case of students who are preparing EvaU.


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