when a Philadelphia player continues the NBA season almost normally

when a Philadelphia player continues the NBA season almost normally

The NBA finds itself at a standstill due to the coronavirus epidemic. A situation that does not prevent Tobias Harris from rejoicing at each hypothetical victory of the Philadelphia Sixers team.

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Tobias Harris facing Paul George

Even without confinement, the coronavirus gives rise to surprising initiatives. Suspended until further notice due to the spread of the epidemic in the United States, NBA season remains on hold. But according to Tobias Harris, she never stopped.

The Boiling Sixers

same without playing, the Philadelphia winger continues to celebrate the imaginary success of the Sixers on social media. Thus, the franchise of the 27-year-old player dominated the Charlotte Hornets, Thursday, thanks to a superb performance by the pivot Joel Embiid.

Tobias Harris did not stop there and continued his journey. joke during the duel against Atlanta. This time, the rookie Matisse Thybulle stood out and led Philadelphia to a new success. With three games to come against the low-ranked Minnesota, Chicago and Phoenix, the Sixers series may well continue for a while. We are now waiting to know if Philadelphia will snatch the plays-offs and fight for the title in NBA.

With a Tobias Harris in such great shape, the famous “Process” of the Sixers seems in good hands … until the end of the coronavirus epidemic and a possible resumption of the real season when Philadelphia is fifth in the East .


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