Why is NOT the right time for this now

Why is NOT the right time for this now

We currently have no dates and no social stress – the perfect time to clear out now, right?

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The kitchen is polished to a high gloss, the windows sparkle and the bathroom shines like never before. Now you are looking for a new sensible activity during the self-imposed corona quarantine. A big clearing out operation would be just the right thing, right? Get rid of old ballast and make room – but now is not the right time.

Overloading of the recycling yards

The association of municipal companies advised against mucking out the apartment right now and explained this to myhomebook.de as follows: “The recycling centers have recorded increased visitor numbers since around March 14th.” To move waste disposal to a later point in time. ”Not only the mass accumulations, but also the overloading of our recycling centers should now be avoided.

Good alternative: muck out the closet

If you still want to create order, then we recommend your wardrobe. The winter clothes can now be packed slowly but surely and the spring outfits can be taken out. Even items of clothing that no longer fit may be mucked out. How about putting it on ebay or clothes spinning top afterwards and even getting a small fee for all the trouble?

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