Williams demands clear limits for team cooperation

Williams demands clear limits for team cooperation

Claire Williams demands clear rules for the cooperation between F1 teams

Claire Williams is asking Formula 1 not to let technical partnerships between large and small teams get out of hand. “We have to draw the line here,” she says.

There has been a recent trend in Formula 1 that larger teams, mostly from manufacturers, enter into closer partnerships with smaller teams. As a result, the traditional racing teams Williams and McLaren see their future at risk if they want to remain independent.

Williams does not want to completely ban such collaborations, but calls for clear rules on how closely they can be. “I think we have to cross the border [bei der Zusammenarbeit] move to where we are now – if we should not take a step back, “said the de facto team boss.

Together stronger than the budget limit?

McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl is in the same horn. “We have to make sure that the cooperation between two teams does not undermine the rules, for example by increasing resources or switching employees back and forth,” he says during the pre-season test drives in Barcelona.

This is particularly true in the context of the upcoming budget ceiling: “When the budget limit comes, we have to make sure that it really represents a limit and the same limit for everyone.”

He has nothing against cooperation in itself: “It doesn’t matter if you enter into cooperation with other teams. That is okay in itself and is also permitted by the regulations in various points.” However, it is important that there is no cooperation on points such as monocoque and aerodynamics, which would already be prohibited under the current rules.

Williams for more justice at all levels

Back to Claire Williams. She thinks that something has to be done in general so that teams like Williams can survive: “We have to make this sport sustainable for the teams. More recently, especially on the financial model, has been very important to ensure sustainability and stability for teams like creating ours. ”

“All business models should have the opportunity to survive, but also to flourish in this sport. This is very important. We want a platform that gives every team the opportunity to collect points, finish on the podium and win races . We don’t have that right now. ”

Team cooperation in Formula 1 is nothing new. Red Bull and Toro Rosso had one in the 2000s when both teams used the same chassis with different engines. This was prevented, from 2010 Toro Rosso had to design his own car again.

As early as 2019, the two sister teams went back to a “synergy project” that, like back then, was run via Red Bull Technology. There are also cooperations between Haas and Ferrari as well as Racing Point and Mercedes. The latter got so far that the Racing Point team practically copied the 2019 Mercedes and thus caused a lot of discussion during the test drives.


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