with George, Charlotte and Louis too, she swears by discipline

with George, Charlotte and Louis too, she swears by discipline

Due to the coronavirus epidemic in England, Kate Middleton fled London with her three children. George, Charlotte and Louis obey the finger and the eye with their mom who shows a very great authority.

In the midst of a health crisis, Kate Middleton left London with her three children. Indeed, the Duchess of Cambridge took refuge far from the capital with George, Charlotte and Louis. It’s within his secondary residence of Anmer Hall, a small Norfolk town, that Kate Middleton spends time with her children. Residents were surprised to meet the small family for example this Sunday, March 15 on the shelves of a local supermarket. And everyone applauds the way children behave in public.

Prince William’s wife – who was thought to be very gentle – has some authority with her children that she does not hesitate, for example, to reprimand in public. We remember the images in particular of this mother asking her children to be quiet when entering a church. Another time when Pippa Middleton’s wedding in 2017, George had been scolded. The little boy then aged 6 was playing a little too loudly for the taste of his mother who does not pass any of their whims.

I have to say that Kate Middleton, as future queen, has no choice but to be cold, impassive and strong. A face she had revealed for the first time in front of Meghan Markle during Commonwealth Day on March 9. When Meghan Markle tried to smile at her brother-in-law and sister-in-law, she had no response to her gesture. A way for the Duchess of Cambridge to prove that she was now capable of stiffness and that she had learned a lot this past year, in particular thanks to the low blows of his beautiful sister.