Women have to put up with these sexist sayings when dating online

Women have to put up with these sexist sayings when dating online

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Unfortunately, sexist sayings are not uncommon in online dating. An Instagram account reveals what women have to put up with

Today’s online dating has brought some opportunities – but also unpleasant experiences. Women in particular are repeatedly exposed to sexist sayings on various platforms. It is precisely this overarching behavior that two Instagram users have now declared war on with their “Antiflirting” account.

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Sexist sayings in online dating: “Antiflirting” reveals

Since the boom in various dating apps, flirting has never been easier. Unfortunately, hidden behind the computer or smartphone, it is just as easy to disregard the unspoken rules of (digital) data – namely to treat the other person respectfully and to accept disinterest. However, it is common for women to find sexist and inappropriate messages in their virtual mailboxes – be it on dating apps like Tinder or on social networks like Instagram and Facebook.

But that should be the end! That is why two students from Vienna have made it their task to explain the topic. The two regularly post screenshots of inappropriate messages that they or other users have received on their Instagram account “Antiflirting”. They hope to fight abuse and harassment by showing the wrongdoing.

Instagram account against harassment and sexism

The message seems to be reaching many people. Because, as the two operators report in a documentary by “Funk”, they have not only received messages from women who have had similar experiences, but also from people who have written such messages themselves. You would only have recognized through this account that your behavior was wrong.

The students started the project in summer 2019 because they themselves were repeatedly harassed online and didn’t want to just leave it there. However, Instagram’s account was deleted because it violated guidelines. With their new account, the two now want to do better and therefore pay more attention to pixelating nude pictures, setting trigger warnings and censoring suggestive language.

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