“Yes, I am taken again”


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Jessica Schwarz

Jessica Schwarz is forgiven again. The actress confirms this to “Bild”.

Jessica Schwarz, 42, is in love again. In 2019, the actress got away from her long-time partner, the Viennese cameraman Markus Selikovsky, 42, separated. Now it is taken up again.

Jessica Schwarz confirms her new love

Jessica Schwarz speaks to “Bild”. “Yes, I am taken again. I don’t want to say more about it,” said the 42-year-old. Your new partner, Louis, is said to be around ten years younger. The newly in love couple is said to have already taken several vacations together: including a beach vacation in Portugal and Thailand.

Her Instagram post on January 27 had already caused speculation. In the “double selfie” as Jessica Schwarz titled the picture, the actress shines into the camera.

Source used: Bild.de

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