Yola Berrocal predicts the weather with her ears and leaves Carlos Sobera in shock: “You should give it on Telecinco”

Yola Berrocal predicts the weather with her ears and leaves Carlos Sobera in shock:

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Survivors 2020 lived this Tuesday, during the Land of Nobody presented by Carlos Sobera, several moments of stupefaction. The first of them came when the reality show shared with viewers. the shocking reaction of the contestants upon hearing the news that Spain is in a state of alarm due to the coronavirus crisis.

The second was anything but serious. And it is that Yola Berrocal roared with laughter from the rest of the reality’s collaborators and from many viewers when she confessed that she has an ability that no one knew. All this, while commenting on images of Cristian Suescun in which the Navarrese showed his ability to try the meteorological changes that are taking place in the Cayos Cochinos of Honduras.

At that time, Berrocal asked for the floor to recognize that she has her own method: “I know that there are other techniques with the ears and with sand. You take sand and it depends on where you go is north, south, east or west,” he began by saying to the surprise of all his colleagues. Then, he assured that his way of predicting it is through the ears.

“Notice to Mediaset. I feel sorry for my colleagues who do very well, but Yola has to start giving the time with her ears,” said Carlos Sobera in shock, asking Telecinco to sign her. “Please Google it,” insisted the second runner-up in Survivors 2016. “Where the air is, you have to place yourself where it hits both ears and then you know where it is going,” she said to everyone’s laughter. while Carlos Sobera dismissed the program.


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