You need to know that now

You need to know that now

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Due to the corona virus, people currently have to radically change their shopping behavior. Many stores are closed. Purchases in supermarkets and groceries are reduced to a minimum due to the curfew.

The pandemic means that many people only order their goods online. In times of social distancing and the recommended minimum distance of 1.5 meters to avoid infection, online retailers are more important to society than ever before. Only: Due to the large number of orders, companies reach their capacity limits when shipping. At Amazon, Zalando, H&M or Zara, of course, this has an impact on delivery times.

To avoid infection with the corona virus, contactless delivery or delivery to a location of their choice is currently particularly important to many customers. Virtually all online retailers have adjusted to this.

Here you will find an overview of offers and delivery times from the major online retailers.

Online orders from Amazon: These products are prioritized

In times of the corona crisis, Amazon is currently receiving significantly more orders for household items, hygiene products or food. No wonder: In the supermarkets, the respective shelves are often cleared.

In order to be able to continue to serve the high demand for these products, Amazon has decided to use the product groups to prioritize in the future. Deliveries of vital products such as food or drugstore items are currently a priority. For less important items, delivery times can be significantly longer. Amazon also points this out with a corresponding banner.

Amazon currently prioritizes these products:

  • Drugstore & Personal Care (including electronic personal care devices)

According to Amazon, the priority shipping is still until April 5, 2020 be valid.

Online orders from H&M: No shipping fees

The Swedish fashion chain H&M has temporarily closed its branches nationwide. The right of return is extended to 100 days for all products. At H&M there are no delivery fees for all customers. You have to accept longer delivery times for online orders.

The background to the free delivery is also that no orders can currently be delivered to the branches free of charge. The “Click & Collect” option is therefore no longer available.

So far, H&M has asked for a standard delivery of 4.99 euros. From an order value of 25 euros, the delivery was free before the Corona crisis.

As can be seen from the fashion chain’s online shop, H&M does not currently offer express delivery. “Maintenance work” is given as the reason.

All H&M deliveries can be delivered contactless or to a desired storage location.

Online orders from Zara: “Very strong” demand

Like H&M, the Spanish fashion giant Zara is currently offering free delivery. Because only the online shop delivers goods to customers due to the closure of all branches, the company is experiencing “very strong” demand. The company tells

This delays deliveries. Zaras customer service is currently difficult to reach.

Products can be returned within a period of 30 days. If the goods were bought in a Zara store, the 30 days apply from the time the stores in the fashion chain reopen.

Contactless delivery and a desired storage location are also possible for the online delivery of Zara products.

Online orders from Zalando: companies with “current delivery promise”

Online retailer Zalando provides daily information on current delivery times on a separate page. According to the “current delivery promise”, parcels will be delivered within two to four working days. Refunds after a return are currently taking longer than usual, according to the company.

Like Amazon, H&M, Zara & Co., Zalando also offers tracking of your own order. Contactless delivery and a desired storage location are also possible at Zalando.

As reported by, the online retailer has significantly reduced its express deliveries. A search by the portal revealed: A pair of jeans that could be ordered by express mail before the Corona crisis has not been around for a few days.

Ordering online from AboutYou: problems with border controls

With regard to the delivery times in the Corona crisis, the AboutYou FAQ page says: “We do our best to ensure that your ABOUT YOU order is shipped quickly and securely. However, our warehouses are spread all over Europe. This means that the duration of the shipment may be extended due to border controls. ” AboutYou provides information about the current delivery times on a bar on the homepage and in the shopping cart.

When shipping, customers can choose contactless deliveries or a preferred storage location. AboutYou continues to give a 100-day return policy and deliver products within three days.

Online orders from Ikea, MOmax, XXLutz & Co .: Furniture stores no longer offer assembly services

Furniture stores in Germany have also closed due to the corona virus. Anyone who currently orders cupboards or other furnishings from Ikea, MOmax or XXXLutz should have a minimum of manual skill. Because: assembly and planning dates were canceled due to the pandemic.

At XXXLutz it says: “Due to the current situation and the measures taken to protect the population, we are currently unable to offer our assembly service. However, delivery by parcel or shipping company is still possible without any problems. ”

MOmax also informs: “Due to the current official order to close all business locations, delivery and assembly dates cannot be met within the stated period.”

Online orders from furniture stores are no longer carried to the apartment, but are instead parked on the doorstep. In addition, there are no assembly or planning appointments for kitchens, bathrooms or the garden in furniture stores. Ikea offers virtual kitchen planning via telephone.

How can I protect myself against the corona virus when ordering online?

Many people who do their shopping online wonder if you can get infected with the corona virus packages.

The RKI writes about a possible transmission through an online delivery: “A transmission by smear infection / infection through contaminated surfaces is in principle not excluded.” And further: “Other human pathogenic corona viruses are known to survive for a certain time on inanimate surfaces such as metal, glass or plastic.” For this reason, it is advisable to take online orders with gloves if possible and to disinfect the delivery thoroughly.


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