+ 10% after announcements on the Covid-19

Innate Pharma presents a cash position of 255.9 ME

Innate Pharma climbed almost 10% to 6.65 euros on Tuesday, after announcing the treatment of the first patient in a randomized double-blind Phase II clinical trial evaluating the safety and efficacy of avdoralimab (IPH5401), its anti-C5aR antibody, in patients with COVID-19 causing severe pneumonia.

The objective of this independent clinical trial, named FORCEa, is to improve the proportion of patients with severe pneumonia due to COVID-19 who no longer need to be hospitalized, and to reduce the need and the duration mechanical ventilation in patients with complicated pneumonia.

The Phase II trial is based on an exploratory translational study, EXPLORE COVID-19, the preliminary results of which indicate, in patients progressing to severe COVID-19, activation of the C5a / C5aR pathway.

Portzamparc speaks of “good news” for patients severely affected by Covid-19 and obviously for the company which is recommended for purchase with a target price of 11.10 euros.


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