14,000 casualties from the Covid-19

14,000 casualties from the Covid-19

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Representative organizations of police, civil guards and the military have estimated this Friday at 14,000 casualties among personnel due to symptoms that are initially compatible with Covid-19, which they relate to the lack of evidence tests and of means of protection. “This situation compromises public safety in Spain,” they warned.

This has been stated in a joint statement by the CCOO, the Unified Police Union (SUP), the Unified Association of Civil Guards (AUGC) and the Unified Association of Spanish Military (AUME), who have released a video where they denounce that the Government « it does not protect those who, after the group of health workers, are most exposed to the virus through their contact with the citizen ».

These organizations defend that members of the police forces and the armed forces are a high-risk group due to exposure to the coronavirus. “The Government has not yet completed our incorporation into the Covid-19 detection tests, nor has it reported in detail on the personal protective equipment that it is going to buy to provide us with sufficient quantity and quality,” they complain.

According to these organizations, the tests among the 14,000 affected would also end the “uncertainty” among the group to know whether or not they are infected. The appeal has been extended to the central, regional and local administrations. From the Ministry of the Interior they do not give figures of affected people but of contagions, which in the police exceeds 700 agents and in the Civil Guard, more than 1,150.


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