15 minutes of training per day

15 minutes of training per day

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The running routes are currently as crowded as never before. In times of closed gyms and the lack of other alternatives, more and more people seem to discover running for themselves. OK then! Nevertheless, around 40 percent of Germans state that they exercise less than they did before the Corona crisis. Just under one in five gained weight during the first few weeks of the contact ban.

Even those who now have more time for sport often sit too much. Anyone who works in the home office lacks movement in everyday life – to the train, by bike or during lunch. And we now know that even regular running training cannot fully compensate for the harmful effects of a lifestyle that is mainly spent sitting and sedentary.

That’s why we send you on the mat as part of our May Challenge – for 15 minutes a day.

#RWAbAufDieMatteMai – 15 minutes of stability training daily

A quarter of an hour of supplementary strengthening, stabilization and mobilization training is enough to balance the stresses of sitting and everyday life and to additionally strengthen the body. Not only do you prevent back problems, you also benefit from running, because a strong body improves running economy.

We don’t want to pretend which exercises you should do. If you have no equipment at home, you can only train incredibly versatile with your own body weight. However, if you own a small home gym with a kettlebell, medicine ball or sling trainer, you have even more options. In other words, it is less about what you are doing than it is about doing something – every day for 15 minutes.

We also show on our channels Facebook and Instagram an exercise every day in May. Important: It is not a question of doing just this one exercise every day – rather, the exercise in question should be an inspiration and remind you of the challenge every day.

Questions and answers about #RWAbAufDieMatteMai

Who can participate in #RWAbAufDieMatteMai?

Everyone. All you need for good stabilization training (stabilization training) or mobilization training is nothing more than your own body, some space and a training mat – and you can replace the latter with a towel or a carpet. Or you can train at a distance from others in the park on a meadow.

How can you participate?

Simply by training your strength and mobility for 15 minutes every day in May. You can find inspiration on which exercises you can do here. In addition, we demonstrate daily exercises on our channels Facebook and Instagram.

Important: It is not a question of doing the exercise shown every day, but of investing a quarter of an hour in your body every day. There is also no obligation to record or provide evidence. As always, our challenges are for inspiration only and should encourage an (even) more active life.

Do you have further questions about #RWAbAufDieMatteMai or would you like to share your favorite exercise with us and others? Write us an email or post Facebook or Instagram – Don’t forget the hashtag #RWAbAufDieMatteMai.


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