15-year-old teenager makes protective visors on his 3D printer

15-year-old teenager makes protective visors on his 3D printer

In Aiglepierre (Jura), Mathis Jeannier is busy at home to meet demand. Everything is free, even sending orders but the teenager does not say no to a financial boost …

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Mathis Jeannier, 15, from Aiglepierre (Jura), does not leave his room much. And not only because of the confinement: “I make protective visors against the Covid-19. I was offered a 3D printer at Christmas and I use it to produce all day. I start around 8 a.m. and finish around 11 p.m. ”

With more than 150 visors manufactured since the start of the epidemic (each requires around forty minutes of work), Mathis ships everywhere in France.

“A lot in my area, but there I just sent it to a store in Antibes and, last Wednesday, to a hospital in Guadeloupe. There is even a lady who came to the house in Grenoble in Isere (note: around 500 km round trip) to provide an Ehpad. All of this is done, shipping included, free of charge. “After people give what they want to cover my costs, if they want to. It is not obligated. “

“I’m afraid my little printer will fail”

For Mathis, a second year pupil in Besancon (Doubs), it all started with an establishment which welcomes disabled people. Among the other happy beneficiaries of Mathis’ donations is a butcher’s shop in the neighboring village of Macornay (Jura).

“We just received her visors,” explains Christelle Kindt. We have already taken a lot of precautions in Watrin butcher shop, but they will protect us even better. There are four of us working here. It’s free but we’ll send a check to help. What this youngster is doing is great. ”

Faced with its success, Mathis fears “a shortage of filament. I contacted companies, and two companies from Rennes, in Ille-et-Vilaine sent me some. Two kilos each, a treasure! I must always produce more. I’m afraid my little printer will drop. If there are people who will give me a 3D printer to relieve mine … ”


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