3 apps to make life easier for chronically ill people during confinement

3 apps to make life easier for chronically ill people during confinement

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Diabetes, hypertension, obesity: 3 apps to make life easier for chronically ill people during confinement

To make life easier for the chronically ill during the coronavirus epidemic and confinement, applications offer them tailor-made support.

Diabetes, obesity hypertension… In France, 20 million people are affected by a chronic disease. To help them take care of their overall health, and more particularly in this period of coronavirus epidemic and confinement, applications offer to provide them with support and information.


“Eat better to treat yourself better”. This is the motto of ChroniCoach, a free application nutritional support for the chronically ill. It offers ten programs, which are aimed at people suffering from Crohn’s disease, ofhypertension, breast cancer, ulcerative colitis, of type 2 diabetes, ofendometriosis, of non-alcoholic hepatitis steatosis (NASH), gluten intolerance, obesity and irritable bowel syndrome.

Chronicoach offers its users different functionalities, allowing them to check whether the foods chosen are suitable for their pathology, to have access to tailor-made recipes according to their health problem, to benefit from the advice of doctors, but also personalized assessments carried out by nutritionists. The objective? Helping the chronically ill to adopt a diet adapted to their state of health, without leaving aside the notion of pleasure.


People with diabetes are more at risk of developing severe forms of Covid-19. CovidDIAB is a free personalized support program for them during this epidemic. This system, supported by the AP-HP and the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM), is run by doctors and hospital carers. They identified the needs of people with diabetes, to know “inform in real time, answer practical questions and guide diabetic patients towards appropriate care in case of symptoms”, explains Dr. Boris Hansel, co-director of the Responsible Health Center at Bichat Hospital, in a press release. The objective of this application is therefore to meet these needs, while training patients in the right gestures and behaviors to adopt during an epidemic.

Line C

Line C is a Covid-19 information hotline for people affected by a chronic disease. Accessible 7 days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., this anonymous and free line is run by volunteers, patients and caregivers, who answer questions, reassure and guide the chronically ill. Diabetics, psychiatric patients, kidney failure… So many profiles who will find an attentive ear by contacting this line to share their questions related to their pathology and the coronavirus. The number to contact is as follows: 01 41 83 43 06.

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