3 date ideas for at home

3 date ideas for at home

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Dates at home

Currently, a large part of life takes place in your own four walls. It is logical that the mood can suffer from constant contact, sweatpants and boredom. To counteract this process, we have selected three date ideas that bring variety and verve to everyday quarantine.

Wine and cheese at home

A romantic candlelight dinner can be enjoyed even more at home without other guests. The ingredients for an evening with cheese and wine are quickly bought and arranged. Make a conscious appointment for a time and take the opportunity to dress up. After all, the fine dress wants to be executed again! With dimmed lights, candles and piano music from the in-house radio, the atmosphere is perfect. Nice side effect: the bedroom is not far …

Sunset walk

A little holiday mood at home? Nothing easier than that! Fortunately, the sun doesn’t just go down by the sea, it creates a romantic atmosphere and pink light spectacle all over the world. Use this time for a walk and let the atmosphere work on you. You will see: The pink sky makes us forget the worldly problems for a moment.

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Garden work and home improvement projects

Are you a couple who love action? The possibilities for climbing, surfing and the like are unfortunately limited at the moment, but there are definitely some projects in your own four walls that you can tackle together. Promised: When painting, planting balconies or building shelves, there is bound to be some action!

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