3 simple instructions on how to cut your beard yourself

3 simple instructions on how to cut your beard yourself

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Cut beard yourself: This is how it looks like from a barber

Beards must be well cared for and trimmed regularly so that they look good. Otherwise a full beard will fray and beard of the upper lip can become an involuntary dirt trap. Easier said than done. Because regular visits to the barber are not included in the times of Corona. You still don’t have to go wild. Of course, you can also lend a hand. Read here how you can trim your beard professionally at home:

How do I cut my beard?

Before you start, make sure you have the right equipment at home. You need the right tools to make your beard look like you were a barber in the end. Here is a short checklist for all hobby barbers:

  • What you need most is a beard trimmer with adjustable shear attachment or different attachments.
  • For the contours you need a transparent shaving gel (this is how you look through the hair) as well as a wet razor (especially gently) or a professional razor (thorough, but requires skill)
  • Washing gel, a peeling and beard oil also belong in your private barber equipment.

We can recommend these devices and products:

How do I cut my beard myself?

Everything at home you need? Then you can start now. Below we have put together three instructions for the most common types of beard for you.

How do I trim a three-day beard?

Your three-day beard is slowly turning into a full beard and you want to turn the tables again? Nothing easier than that. In this case, you can simply trim your beard with a shaving attachment on your electric shaver. Nothing can go wrong if you follow these instructions:

  1. First prepare, then trim: wash your face thoroughly. Ideally with a peeling. If you use this regularly, you prevent ingrown whiskers.
  2. Then pat the beard dry with a towel.
  3. Comb the whiskers in both directions before you start the machine. So you make sure that you really trim the entire beard.
  4. Run the razor against the direction of growth over the entire beard.
  5. You can then use a wet razor and transparent shaving gel (so you can see what you are doing) to shave the contours clean: cheeks and the area under the Adam’s apple should be hair-free.
  6. Wash your face even after trimming (clear water is enough this time) and free your equipment from stubble. This way you avoid annoying pimples.

How do I cut a mustache myself?

It’s getting a little bit more complicated here. With a little practice, skill and our instructions, you will soon be able to do it professionally. And nobody will ever notice that you cut your beard yourself.

  1. Comb your mustache and shape it to trim.
  2. Set the desired length on your trimmer or put on the correct attachment.
  3. Trim against the direction of growth – that is, from the bottom slightly diagonally upwards or from the lip to the nose – so you get all hair on the same length.
  4. Remove the trim attachment and hair between the mustache and nose for a clean contour.
  5. The same applies to the lip line: cap individual protruding hair for a defined contour.
  6. Finally, bring all the hair to a length at the edges, done!

How can I trim my full beard contours?

The supreme discipline in beard styling! If you have a full beard, you shouldn’t snip around wildly at home. Your beard belongs in professional hands – too much can go wrong. Would be annoying if your hard-grown beard goes wrong. But what you can do yourself is to clean the contours. This way your beard looks much neater – and as if freshly styled by a professional. That’s how it’s done:

  1. Wash your beard thoroughly with shampoo and pat dry with a towel.
  2. Apply transparent shaving gel to cheeks and neckline below Adam’s apple to shave precise contours.
  3. Cover the hair outside the contour with a wet razor or razor.
  4. Try to shave a smooth curve from the ear to the Adam’s apple to the other ear.
  5. Rinse the beard again. Clear water is enough!
  6. Put 2-3 drops of beard oil in your hands. Rub your palms together to warm it up and spread it over your beard and skin – from the neck up.

If you don’t have a handsome full beard, you can cut your beard yourself without any problems. With our instructions and a little practice, it looks just as good as from a professional. You now know what you need for this and how you should proceed. Another tip at the end: It’s better to cut too little first. Then nothing can go wrong!


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