5 morning routines that make us more productive

5 morning routines that make us more productive

How we get up in the morning can have a big impact on the rest of the day. Doing these 5 five things in the morning will make you more productive and the perfect day to come

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Did you know that there are certain things you can do in the morning that will improve your day? This will not only make you more productive, but also happier.

1. Make your bed

It sounds strange, but it is beneficial if we get up in the morning make our bed. Why? Because we feel that we have achieved something early, even before we leave the bedroom. And no matter how the rest of the day goes: when you come home in the evening, you will see what you have already done: your finished bed.

2. Stay away from your smartphone

According to social psychologist Dr. Ron Friedmann, we are in a reactive state as we check messages and emails for the first few minutes of the day. This means that we always respond defensively to external stimuli instead of becoming active ourselves. Therefore, the psychologist recommends that we look at the first ten minutes of the day deal with ourselves, before we look at our social life. This does not mean that you should not do anything during this time. The main thing is that you do something for yourself – whether you boil tea water or apply make-up.

3. Stretch yourself

Studies show that morning stretching positive for body and mind affects. The blood circulation is stimulated, the muscles are better supplied with blood and they are more flexible. And the best thing is that you wake up faster. The psychological effect should not be underestimated either: after a good stretch, you feel well armed for the day.

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4. Clean up your workspace

If you Tidy desk at start of work that affects the rest of your day. The reason: If the desk is not tidied up, we often feel overwhelmed than we actually should and only because our workplace looks “overwhelmed”. That means: always clean your desk in the evening.

5. Sit in natural light

Dr. Mariana Figueiro, program director at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Lighting Research Center says that 30 minutes of sun rays every morning help to get into the right daily rhythm. This in turn means that we feel awake and no longer sleepy. It is best to have breakfast at the window or sit on the balcony with your cup of coffee.

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