5 reasons why you should watch the new series with Laetitia Milot

5 reasons why you should watch the new series with Laëtitia Milot

© Ronan Lechat / FTV / KWAI
Meetings (France 2): 5 reasons why you should watch the new series with Laetitia Milot

From this Wednesday, April 15 at 9:05 pm, France 2 offers Meetings, an exotic series with Laetitia Milot.

Containment obliges, impossible to travel currently. So France 2 tries to remedy this a little by getting viewers on board to Meetings from this Wednesday, April 15 at 9:05 p.m. Or a long trip to the tropics, six episodes long, following Laetitia Milot, Loup-Denis Elion and a few other very familiar faces. A journey that has some arguments to make. The proof by five.

With Meetings, change of scenery guaranteed

Jeremy (Loup-Denis Elion who recently took up a challenge from Vincent Moscato) and Chloe (Laetitia Milot who recently confided in) are struggling to make ends meet with their blended family living in Roubaix. When Jeremy discovers that his father, whom he has never known, bequeaths his hotel to him on a beach in Reunion, he sees the opportunity to change his life. For the viewer, this mini-series is also a great opportunity to change the air in the tropics and enjoy real postcard decor. Sun, beaches, hiking in the mountains … everything is conducive to take full advantage. To say that some of the teens in history bitterly regret their Hauts-de-France region!

Good-natured intrigue

With Meetings, no headaches. At least for the public. Of course, the couple bickers, a little, has trouble with their offspring, a lot, but they love each other, madly. So, inevitably, everything quickly returns to normal. Even if Jeremy was not satisfied with inheriting a value for money hotel not as good as he might have thought, but also from a half-brother and his family much wealthier than his own. So the contrast promises to be striking. And since it is not tomorrow the day before that he will be able to forget Dom, the ex of his beautiful (bribe like there is not, even at the other end of the world!), Who plays service nannies, he might see all the colors. But, we repeat, arguments never last long. Phew!

Reunion with Laetitia Milot…

The actress had disappeared from the air since the end ofOlivia, the series derived from Clear Eyed Revenge, broadcast in the fall of 2019 on TF1. This time, her fans find her in the shoes of Chloe, a penniless hairdresser from the North, who discovers, after her long journey, the soul of a hotel manager. Even if she still has to impose herself on her future husband, who does not easily give her the place she claims. “Melanie”, from More beautiful life, turns out to be very comfortable in the skin of this busy mother, who definitely does not have her tongue in her pocket.

… But also Loup-Denis Elion

To counter it, France 2 has bet on ex-Cedric de Scenes of households. As in the short fiction of M6, he believes he has his destiny in hand, but ultimately has to deal with a companion as invasive as mistress woman. A role that the actor seems to master particularly well. His admirers should appreciate it.

And a plethora of other famous faces

France 2 has taken care of its casting, with many familiar faces. Starting with that of Sara Martins. The actress swapped the Caribbean sun, which she enjoyed during four seasons of Murders in paradise, for that of La Reunion. This time, no more question of carrying out investigations, but rather putting a grain of salt in the affairs of Antoine (played by Nicolas Bridet, seen recently in the film Thanks to God, of Francois Ozon), her husband and half-brother of Jeremy. She replies to Pascal Legitimus, who embodies his father, who is very careful when it comes to protecting the family heritage, and to Eva Darlan in the role of her mother-in-law. So many popular actors, able to get the public on board.