5 tips for successful co-working at home

5 tips for successful co-working at home

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One roommate sings loudly in the shower, while the other thinks he has to do fitness exercises (techno beats included) while you are already in an important business call. If you live in a shared apartment, it is not always easy in the home office. With these five tips, co-working at home works perfectly

Tip # 1: One roommate per room

The best prerequisite for successful work in the shared apartment: there is no more than one roommate per room. This way everyone can concentrate better and is not constantly distracted by mail notifications or calls from the others.

Tip # 2: divide up space

If it is not possible for each roommate to be somewhere else – for example, because your bedroom does not have space for a desk and you do not want to work from your bed – it helps to divide the room. Paravents, curtains, shelves or large house plants can be improvised easily as a room divider and convey the feeling of having a separate, separate workplace.

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Tip # 3: wear headphones

Always, always, always wear headphones when you have a zoom meeting or call, watch a video or listen to music. This way you avoid not disturbing your roommates – and don’t force anyone to hear Justin Bieber’s new guilty pleasure song, which you secretly like, for the 23rd time.

Tip # 4: breaks together

Although it is advisable to stay in separate rooms during the actual working hours, there is of course no reason not to share the coffee break that you normally take with your favorite colleague in the office with your flatmates. A lunch break together can raise the mood in the flat share home office when it’s stressful again.

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Tip # 5: Communicate

As in any other interpersonal relationship – whether with a friend or family – communication is the be-all and end-all. To avoid possible conflicts, it is always advisable to communicate openly with your roommates – for example, if you can Must use the kitchen table during lunch break to work or the headphones have broken.

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