5 tips to keep your dog from being aggressive

5 tips to keep your dog from being aggressive

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Aggression in dogs should be avoided with education since they are puppies.

Usually the aggressiveness in a dog mainly depends on the education that of his master, but also race, genetics is important and sometimes until the first socialization, because weaning before two months of age is not recommended. However, there are actions that can be implemented for the ones domestic dogs calm down.

1. Understand why they attack

The dogs attack for territoriality and protection of their physical integrity, further tend to feel superior when you think you are above the social ladder. He bark is a warning and when the dog acquires defensive posture the correct thing is to relax itso we have to keep an eye out for signs that, according OK daily.

2. Socialize it with children and animals

He puppy must relate to children and other animals from his first months to grow socialized. If also the dog has respect for all its handlers and understand that you must obey, there will be no inconvenience. The loving and passive behaviors should be rewarded with caresses and some food.

3. Relate food to obedience

The Canines must learn to associate food with obedience. The lgrunting and grunting before food intake they are always a negative symptom of violence. Therefore, when this occurs, the owner should avoid feeding the specimen and only when the animal show obedience and calm will be fed.

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Photo: 2724477 / Pixabay. When the aggression problem is already acute, it is better to go to an expert.

4. Do not allow excessive barking at the door of the home

The most aggressive dogs are those that assume a watchdog role marked. If the pet barks every time someone approaches the door must be forcefully scolded. In this way, the dog will understand that this is a behavior that should not be repeated because annoys his master.

5. Ask for help from an expert

If a dog is already extremely aggressive, the advisable thing will be seek help from an expertThis involves an investment, but the results are usually successful and in a very short time. The aggressiveness in a dog is a problem that should not go unnoticed, because the faster you act, the will avoid an accident at home or with someone unknown.

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