6 blouse trends with which we score in spring

6 blouse trends with which we score in spring

This spring we are going for statement sleeves, high-necked collars and bows – for a stylish home office look or just for the time after Corona. STYLEBOOK knows the 6 most beautiful (shirt) blouse trends and knows where to buy the guaranteed unsmalled It-Pieces cheap.

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Statement sleeves

2020 will focus on the poor! With trumpet, club and puff sleeves, the arm section that is often neglected in the fashion world becomes an eye-catcher, XXL volume is a must! The catch: The statement sleeve look looks stylish and futuristic, but logically it is bulky. Especially women with shoulders that are already strong should enjoy the trend blouses better with caution, our tip: So that the look does not become too voluminous and degenerate into a Michelin man style, figure-hugging styling partners should be chosen or at least the waist emphasized, otherwise there is a risk Volume overkill.

Ruffles, ruffles and lace

After the coarse leather shirts from the winter season, it can be more playful in spring. The warm season is heralded in the fashion world with ruffles, flounces and lace. The color palette also matches the cute, playful look: delicate candy tones and light classics such as white or light blue are right at the front.

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Ruffles and ruffles make us look younger. So that we can use this effect for ourselves, the rest of the look should either be simple or cool – just not too cute! A leather pants in sweatpants style, for example, fits perfectly with the white classic with a ruffle collar, wide-leg jeans look great with a pink blouse with ruffles. When it comes to shoes, you are welcome to use finer models such as loafers or mules – the mixture of coarse and playful makes the look!

Short sleeved

For a long time they were considered a no-go in men’s fashion, now the short-sleeved shirt and blouse variants are conquering the fashion world. They come in a classic style with a straight cut, collar, button placket and preferably in white or other light tones. The sleeves end somewhere between the middle of the upper arm and the elbow.

Important: Please never use a completely figure-hugging short-sleeved blouse, its time is over. In 2020 we tend to wear more fits and can replace the typical white T-shirt with the blouse in a chic and casual way. By the way, the basic look with blue jeans and loafers, gold jewelry around the neck and the trend look is particularly beautiful!

Stand-up collar

You don’t want to do without the beloved wheelchair from cold winter days in spring? Then stand-up collar blouses are just the thing for you! They are quasi the turtleneck lookalike under non-knitted tops and combine the best of both: the lightness of the blouse combined with a stylish, high-necked collar. Unlike the pull version, the stand-up collar blouse turns out far – except on the neck, of course. There is primarily a smocked collar, the sewn-in rubber ensures more comfort and a nice fold in the blouse fabric.

One thing is important when styling the wide models: the blouses belong in the waistband or skirt, not over it!


This year, skin is only shown indirectly – transparent blouses look deep, but at the same time look attracted. (Dot) patterns and a lot of volume distract from how transparent the trend part actually is and thus ensure subtle sexiness.

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On the catwalks of the Fashion Weeks, the whiff of nothing blossoms are usually presented without anything underneath, but this is not really suitable for everyday use. When styling, we recommend the combination of a blouse and a nude body or bustier or a base in the same color as the blouse. It is only important that something opaque is not worn under the complete blouse, otherwise the transparent effect is logically gone. Since the transparent parts do not hide the body shape despite the voluminous cuts, the combination of wide bottoms is also not a problem.

Tunic and long blouse

The next summer is sure to come and with it the tried and tested tunics and long blouses! We prefer to wrap ourselves in the classic white cotton shirt in the XXL version – it looks a little bit like we used the friend’s closet. It gets a bit more playful with models gathered at the waist.

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Until it gets really warm, we still wear the long blouses with jeans underneath (and blazers over them), as soon as the temperatures climb, there is hardly a spring-like look than the long classics, bare legs and loafers or sandals. If the whole thing is too misshapen, you can provide a more feminine silhouette with a waist belt.


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