7 foods you shouldn’t eat after 30

7 foods you shouldn't eat after 30

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These 7 foods ruin your skin and your health

It is like this: At 30, we are definitely a little wiser than in the twenties. We know much more exactly what we want – and above all how we get it. That’s why we treat our health and nutrition more responsibly – because it pays off in the end.”By the late twenties, our metabolism was not going so well,” says psychologist Candice Seti. “This is because we are no longer growing and bone formation is complete. The production of growth hormones is decreasing.” In other words, we have to be careful what we eat. “The metabolism is not going so well anymore, so we tend to put on fat. We have to be careful about what we eat,” doctor Amy Lee told Byrdie.com.

And this is the advice of the two experts:

7 foods you shouldn’t eat after 30

1. Eat clean

Eat healthy and avoid chemical foods. This way you stay fit, have more energy and less pain, “explains Candice Seti.” In addition, clean eating improves sleep, the skin becomes cleaner and, above all, you are in a better mood. “

2. Stand at the stove more often

This may be a challenge for cooking muffle, but even cooking saves money. “And you know what’s in your food“says Amy Lee.

3. Eat carefully

Quickly a bun on the way to work, in the evening there’s a plate of pasta on the sofa. When we eat, it is mostly in between or when it is drizzled and rarely at the table. It is so important to take your meals carefully: “The problem with careless eating is that we lose our connection to it – and with it the pleasure. Sometimes we don’t even remember what we ate all day long,” says Seti. And: we no longer notice when we are full and therefore eat more. “Eating mindfully helps us regain a healthy relationship with food. We appreciate our meals again, enjoy every bite. That means we eat more controlled foods – and avoid unhealthy stuff.”

4. Avoid chocolate, muffins and ice cream

“Try as best you can to avoid sugar“, Lee advises.” It helps if you do not drink soda, sweetened coffee or juices. “Which does not mean that you have to do without your favorite chocolate forever after the age of 30. Just eat it – exactly – in moderation ..

5. Not too much alcohol

At the age of 20, you could celebrate two days in a row and were fit on Monday. Ten years later you are happy if you are not feeling too bad at the beginning of the week, even though you were already on Friday and not Saturday. The hangover stops. And even more factors speak for alcohol in small quantities: “At 30 we develop insulin resistance, which is why sugar is not converted into energy, but fat. This process is exacerbated by alcohol“explains Lee.” In addition, the risk of developing type 2 diabetes increases and the liver suffers more. “

6. Drink lots of water

Yes, you won’t hear this for the first time: Drink at least three liters of water a day. In fact, that’s even more important if you break the 30s mark. “At this age you lose much less fat if you drink too little water,” Seti explains. “On the other hand, if your body is supplied with enough fluids, your metabolism is running at full speed and you burn 30 percent more calories than when your body is dehydrated. You also feel much more energetic. In addition, we often confuse hunger with thirst or drink too little while eating and eat a lot of food unnecessarily. ”

7. Exercise

Girls, now you have to be strong – but unfortunately it looks like this: Nothing works without movement. “We are losing muscle in our 30s. Unfortunately, we are also finding more and more excuses to avoid exercise and putting our convenience above our health,” said Lee. So, on the dumbbells and on the treadmill to strengthen our muscles and keep the body fit. It’s no use.

Aha, that’s why we sleep worse at 30 than at 20:


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