9 tips to make your home more comfortable

9 tips to make your home more comfortable

Tired of your apartment? No wonder after weeks at home! With a few tricks you can get a creative make-over and a new look for your home

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Remodel your apartment: This will make your home more beautiful.

Even the most homely home is pretty boring if you spend too much time there, as during the Corona crisis. Maybe it would be time for a few changes, a little home make-over?

Don’t panic: you don’t have to renovate everything right now. Even little things have a big effect. A little new order, a little furniture back and new pillows can make a room look completely new and much more cozy. Here are our tips for a cozy home.

What do I need to beautify my apartment?

As I said, you don’t need the large renovation cutlery with paint rollers, ladder and tarpaulins. Our tips all come with little or no tools. However, an open hardware store nearby can never hurt.

Above all, three things are important: a plan of how it should look, maybe appropriate templates as inspiration, also a good view of what is possible in your home and last but not least the willingness to do without things or clear out. Everything else is there, just have a look at our tips.

9 tricks for a new look in your own 4 walls:

Ready? Well. Then it can go. But before you start clearing, it is important that you get an overview. That is why our tips do not start with brute, but in the truest sense contemplative measures:

Step 1: the inventory analysis at home

In the beginning it is mainly the frustration that moves you to want to do something new. Nothing pleases more, you can no longer see your own wall color and you have far too little space at all. You would probably prefer to start renovating right away, but first it makes more sense to take stock of your own home.

So: what’s really bothering you? What is impractical? What is senseless or no longer serves its purpose? Make a list of pros and cons and find out what you really need. Maybe in the end it is not the color that bothers, but the crammed shelf in front of it that makes everything much too restless.

Step 2: muck out the apartment

The second thing is: create new space! This includes separating yourself from things and taking a close look at the existing classification system. Do you have enough storage space? There is definitely something to optimize.

Uniformly colored boxes are practical, for example. Stacked on the closet, they do not stand in your way in everyday life. A drawer for the winter clothes under the bed – dead space meaningfully filled. Use shelves up to the ceiling.

Tip: In a closed cupboard or sideboard you can pack lots of boxes and unsightly things that otherwise only negatively affect the feeling of space. This creates space and space for new ideas. First the duty, then the freestyle, that’s the way it is.

Step 3: collect inspiration for beautiful living

Blind actionism usually does not lead to the desired goal, even when redesigning the home. Let yourself be inspired before you start and spend money. This article is a good place to start.

But the best thing to do is log on to Pinterest and put together mood boards there: furniture, textiles, maybe a picture, favorite colors, etc. This is what the professionals do to help them find a personal style as safely as possible.

Step 4: furniture back for big change

Be brave and change the position of your furniture. What seems impossible at the beginning is often a nice change and brings new qualities of the room and the furniture to light. Sometimes this also makes a new purchase unnecessary because a changeover already fulfills the desired change request.

Step 5: bring color into play

Sure, you can change a lot with color and quickly create a new feeling of space. But even here it is important, whether wall, sofa or even a pillow, that the overall concept is convincing, harmonious and fits you.

Current color trends are inspiring, but not everything. The color insert must always match the room. It is best to assume that you cannot change certain things as quickly as the floor, a sofa cover or a carpet. You have to adapt your ideas to them. For the orange tone of a pitch pin floor, choose a cooler wall color and you can combine the anthracite-colored carpet with a warmer powder tone. Again, Pinterest is a great source of inspiration!

Another tip: A color concept usually works if you stick to the following rule: The base – floor, wall, larger furniture – should be kept in rather neutral colors. The trendy powder tones are always nice: taupe, rose, a subdued gray-blue, etc. You can counter these rather tired tones with bright colors in the form of accessories. It is nice when such a color accent runs through.

Step 6: rely on indirect light

Number 1 disruptive factor if you want to snuggle up extensively: bright light! Sure, you need a ceiling light, for example, to quickly find your clothes in the closet in the morning. For a cozy couch evening, you prefer indirect or soft light sources.

That means: attach fairy lights or hide bright desk lamps half behind closet doors. So they don’t blind. Incidentally, candles have a similar effect and their flickering awakens the calming association with wintry fire in us. Sooo cozy!

Step 7: Get cozy with the material mix

New pillows and blankets on the sofa are a small measure that often has a great effect. Cozy and beautiful to look at: the mixture of different textures and materials. Combine coarse knits with smooth linen fabric. You can let off steam in terms of color: Furnishings in various cream and natural tones are beautiful, but dark colors or bright eye-catchers can also look great.

Tip: Make sure that the cushion covers and blanket are made of natural fibers such as wool, linen or cotton. Synthetics saves money, but it costs you a lot of annoyance if you are annoyed by electric hair and small electric shocks from your cozy blanket every time.

Step 8: create small decorative islands

Memorabilia, photos and decoration bring personality to an apartment. Without such trifles, rooms appear cool and anonymous. However, it becomes uncharming and loveless when these personal finds are randomly distributed in the apartment. Use these little things consciously and stage them.

The vases only show their beauty when they are staged in a small group on the sideboard. Declare a wall to the photo wall. An eye-catcher! Place a picture bar in the hallway on which all your holiday souvenirs are placed. Dreaming of traveling is always allowed!

Step 9: let fresh green soak in

Spread a few plants around the room. The fresh green guarantees a good mood and ensures a better indoor climate. Tip: Instead of expensive planters, you can simply get clay pots in the hardware store. They are very popular right now – but they only cost a fraction of other planters.

You have anything but a green thumb? Then order dried pampas grass online. Nobody can do that anymore! The pompoms do nothing for the air, but make the room at least as cozy as green plants.

Once the cuddly atmosphere has been created, additional days at home become a wellness program. Find your favorite homewear, get your favorite snacks and a cup of tea and just forget about everyday worries.


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