A corona shock is imminent – the loss of summer vacation

A corona shock is imminent - the loss of summer vacation

Germany is actually the travel world champion, but this year everything is different. The longing for sticky sandwiches at the terminal. A piece of life.

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There will be no summer vacation in Mallorca this year. Instead, balconies or resin.

So much has changed. Easter without an Easter visit, cultural life cut out; Basically, the diverse new online appearances of the stages and museums do not change that. Do not touch! The new manners quickly became apparent.

After the canceled Easter vacation trip to the south, however, the realization only slowly took hold: In all likelihood there would be no summer vacation.

We don’t go to Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Denmark. And certainly not on other continents – hardly that the federal government has brought the last German tourists back from Werweibwo.

Even the vacation trip to the Baltic Sea or Bavaria is in the stars. And even if one or two weeks in August should be allowed on Hiddensee again – isn’t everything already fully booked?

All of Germany is still a tourist restricted area – can you loosen that in certain areas? Will there be a dramatic run to the last available accommodations in the Harz in late summer? Are the restaurants open again and ready for the expected rush?

How would such a summer goal panic go hand in hand with the health rules that we have just learned and are properly following?

Germany stays at home

The questions show that the country is still facing a major corona shock: The summer vacation as we know it is actually canceled. The same could apply to the autumn holidays. Germany stays at home.

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In some countries, the ministries of culture are also responsible for tourism, for example in Italy. Because that belongs together, culture and travel.

The Uffizi closed, no performances in the Arena di Verona, the festival in Avignon canceled, and those who have queued for years and have finally received tickets for Bayreuth will feel the pain.

When will we be travel world champions again?

No package holiday, no long-distance trips, this hits the market. Germany is often referred to as the travel world champion – maybe not until 2022. If at all.

The virus is thriving in a global travel culture where no distance is too great, no weekend is too short, and no beach is too crowded. How do you long for tight, stuffy low-cost airlines, a sticky sandwich in the terminal!

Summer is long, we stay among ourselves. But in this unforeseeable virus economic crisis it is also lucky to have another job that you can take a vacation from.

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