a possible date for resumption of training in Serie A

a possible date for resumption of training in Serie A

Vincenzo Spadafora announced on Friday the date on which Serie A clubs could resume training. The Minister of Sports thus chose the minimum date of May 4, that is to say the day after the end of the confinement decreed in Italy.

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No training before May in Serie A

Football will be no exception in Italy. The transalpine government confirmed this Friday the extension of the confinement until next May 3 in order to continue the fight against the epidemic of coronavirus.

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In the process, Vincenzo Spadafora transmitted his instructions to the Serie A clubs. The first division teams will have to wait until May 4 to hope to restart collective training.

A recovery “in the strictest respect of safety instructions”

Directly linked to the extension of confinement for three weeks, this decision shatters hopes of a resumption of Serie A before mid-May.

“I ask the federations and the other actors of the sport system to work so that the resumption of the trainings and the activities takes place, probably from May 4, indicated the member of the government in a long video posted on social networks. recovery must be done in strict compliance with the safety instructions which will be identified in agreement with the health authorities and scientific bodies. “

Until they can resume training, Serie A clubs continue to organize. According to the transalpine media, the elite players could be summoned to carry out beforehand a battery of examinations and medical tests.

A way to best prepare for a possible resumption of the season. But one thing is certain, it will still be necessary to wait, at least until May.


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