According to psychologists, these are the 15 things that women want from men

According to psychologists, these are the 15 things that women want from men

It is not what you are thinking, but it makes all the sense in the world and it is time to start paying attention.

In 2000 Mel Gibson, she starred in a movie dedicated to understanding what women want, the point was to show that men never know what they are thinking, what they need and what goes on in their heads, so her character decided to do something “revolutionary”, use all those products that they use every day to try to literally put themselves in their shoes and figure them all out in one night.

She clearly failed, only able to do so because she was struck by lightning while in the bathtub and that electric shock gave her the ability to hear women’s thoughts, and although she used this information to her advantage, she eventually found that Women weren’t what he thought, and understanding what they wanted could be easy if he only listened to them.

That is not going to happen to you, nobody is going to give you the ability to discover what women want by reading their minds or invading their thoughts, but, the good news is that psychology is on your side and experts say there are 15 special things women want from men in their lives (And it has nothing to do with expensive or attractive gifts.)

A recent study by the doctor Suzanne Degges-White she began to explore what women between 18 and 75 years old need from men in their lives (friends, partners, family, possible relationships, etc …) and, apparently, they are not so different from what men can look for In her friends, this is because, according to the expert, “any good relationship is built on some essential and practical qualities.”

When it comes especially to a couple, there are some qualities, which fall into three categories, which are basic, rather indispensable, for things to work.

“Women they don’t need partners who invest all their energy in demonstrating how strong, manly, masculine, male or heroic they are. They just want men who are willing to get down to their level and treat them in fair and equitable ways, and who are able to make sure that the spark of romance stays on, “says the psychologist.

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Characteristics of moral integrity:

  • Respect: it is about offering the same respect that you would give to other men, feeling that they are not respected is one of the main reasons why a relationship can end.

  • Open communication: This is not a day, it should be a regular practice, which will help to avoid discussions and to know what you like, bother or worry, and to do the same.

  • Honesty: it’s about being open and giving no reason for them to doubt you.

  • Trust and integrity: Both are essential so that the relationship can continue to move forward and not become toxic.

  • Take responsibility: It refers to your actions and behavior, of accepting when something is your fault and looking for a solution together, taking things with maturity and avoiding falling into a blame game that only creates a toxic environment.

Sensitivity characteristics in relationships:

  • Consider the feelings of others– This means that she feels that her problems and concerns are important to you.

  • Friendship: It does not mean that I should be your best friend, but rather treat her the way we treat other close friends.

  • Emotional maturity: It is important that you can behave as an adult when it is time to do so. Taking things with maturity and without throwing tantrums when things don’t go the way you want.

  • Support for: This is the main one of a couple, it is about feeling that they are a team and that you are on their side when they need it.

  • Sensitivity and validation of the other person’s experiences: it is about taking her into account and not making her feel that she is inferior just because she is a woman.

Features in privacy:

  • Bringing emotions and adventures back to the relationship, take into account the needs of the other person, be spontaneous and be open to new experiences safely.

  • Camaraderie and camaraderie: do the “tasks” of the relationship together, be supportive, and understand when you are too tired.

  • Show love to the other person: not just with words, mainly with actions.

  • As for sex, don’t make it all about sex: It is an important part of the relationship, but it cannot be just physical, there are other needs that must also be covered, especially emotional ones.

  • Please the other person: This is basic, it means that you not only look for your satisfaction, but do things that feel good for her too.


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